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What countries have French as their official language?

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France, 25 countries in Africa, Belgium, and Quebec
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Are there more French-speaking countries than Spanish?

Yes, French is an official language in 29 countries and widely used in a non-official capacity in seven more, while Spanish is the official language in only 20 countries.

What does official language mean?

The official language is the language that is mostly used in official departments. In many countries it is also the spoken language. However, in many countries it could be dif

Why is French the official language of Canada?

French is not the only official language of Canada; it is one of  the official languages, the other being English. Canada was  explored and settled first by French-speaking

What is the official language of Dakar Senegal?

French I belive.   answer 2   The official language of Senegal is French but the recognised regional language is Wolof and is spoken by 94 percent.

What is the only North American country with Spanish as its official language?

Mexico is the only one of the three North American countries with Spanish as its official language. English is not the official language of the US, but is used as such. The tw

Which countries have French as their native language?

The countries where French is a native language, as opposed to an official language, are France, Switzerland, Belgium, Gabon, the Ivory Coast, Canada, and French Guyana. Franc

In which countries is French the official language?

There are 29 countries that have French as an official language. France Canada Democratic Republic of the Congo Madagascar Cameroon Cote D'Ivoire Burkina Faso