What country is area code 447?

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U.S./North American area code +1 447 will go into service in 2014 as an ordinary geographic area code, as an overlay on area code +1 217 for part of Illinois including Champaign and Springfield.

Mexico also has an area code 447, serving northeastern Michoacán, including Maravatío. Landline numbers are +52 447; mobile phone numbers are +52 1 447. The remainder of the number is a further 7 digits for landlines and mobiles.

Other countries may have a domestic area code 447 or similar.

However, "area code 447" often refers to a range of numbers in the United Kingdom (telephone country code +44). Numbers beginning with +44 7400 through +44 7999 are mobile phones, but numbers beginning with +44 70 are personal "follow-me" numbers that can be forwarded to anywhere in the world. Some of these "follow-me" numbers may be legitimate, but they are also very popular with Internet scammers.

Scam phone numbers in the United Kingdom (+44):

Most "419" scams using +44 70xx numbers involve emails that are sent from Nigeria and other West African countries, not from the UK! If you see a +44 70xx number in a 419 scam email it usually means you're dealing with criminals based in Nigeria.

UK phone numbers starting with '70' are "Personal numbering" in the "Find me anywhere" range. Charges for calls to these numbers are not distance-dependent. They can cost as much as UK£ 0.50 (USD 0.90) per minute to call and can forward the call to virtually any phone number in the world. Forwarding numbers can be set up for free and completely anonymously via websites such as uknumbers.com.

In most cases when you call one of these numbers the phone that starts ringing will actually be a mobile phone somewhere in Nigeria, as the UK number has been programmed to auto-forward calls to another number. These +44 70xx numbers are used as a redirect service to obscure the fact that the person taking the call is not actually based in Europe. The UK number is used to lend credibility to the scam.
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Where is telephone country code 447?

There is no telephone country code +447.    The United Kingdom is country code +44 (dialed  as 00 44 from many places); the digit 7  indicates the number belongs to a (MORE)

Does London have area code 447?

No, London has an area code of 020 for standard landline telephones. However, +44 7xxx xxxxxx would be a United Kingdom mobile phone or personal number shown in international (MORE)

What country has area code for 0614?

0614 could be a domestic area code in several different countries. Country code 0614 does not exist, because country codes never begin with zero. +61 is the international (MORE)
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What state in UK has area code 447?

There is no area code 447 in the UK. I think that you have mis-interpreted the number. 44 is the international calling code when calling the UK from another country. The '7' i (MORE)

What country has area code 776?

Country code +7 is Russia and Kazakhstan. Numbers beginning with +7 76 are in Kazakhstan.
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What area in England has the number 447-974?

44 is the country code for the United Kingdom, so I guess the full number is: +44 7974 xxxxxx in international format or 07974 xxxxxx when dialling within the UK. If so, 07974 (MORE)

Where is area code 447?

It isn't. The 44 denotes a UK number and the 7 denotes a mobile (cell) phone number, a pager, or a personal "follow-me" number. US area code +1 447 has been assigned to cent (MORE)

Which country has area code 00108000?

Invalid code. +1 is the country code for North America (USA, Canada, etc.), but there are no valid numbers beginning with +1 0. Some countries use '001' as the international (MORE)