Look out Las Vegas! You'll be returning to Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel Rehab this summer (6/15, 7/11, 8/8 and 9/9) for your second consecutive year DJ residency for the once a month bikini invitational. When did you get started DJing? Did you just wake up one morning and say, " I think I'll become a DJ"?

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Where in the UK is area code 0161 447?

UK telephone area code 0161 (international: +44 161) is Manchester.  A telephone number beginning 0161 447 is most likely a BT landline  in one of the following districts: 

Where is telephone country code 447?

There is no telephone country code +447.    The United Kingdom is country code +44 (dialed  as 00 44 from many places); the digit 7  indicates the number belongs to a
Does London have area code 447?

Does London have area code 447?

No, London has an area code of 020 for standard landline telephones. However, +44 7xxx xxxxxx would be a United Kingdom mobile phone or personal number shown in international

What state in UK has area code 447?

There is no area code 447 in the UK. I think that you have mis-interpreted the number. 44 is the international calling code when calling the UK from another country. The '7' i

Which country has the area Code 425?

International country code +425 is unassigned. In North America, the area code +1 425 is the suburbs on the east side of Seattle, Washington.

What area code in Canada is 447?

Canadian area code 447 is in that famous part of Canada called  "Illinois," one of the more southerly provinces.  Canada shares its telephone area code system with the USA a

What country has the area code 7964?

Country code +7 is Russia and Kazakhstan, and a number beginning with +7 964 is a Russian mobile. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a

Where is telephone area code 447?

In North America, area code +1 447 has been assigned as an overlay for area code +1 217 in central Illinois (including Springfield and Champaign/Urbana), but as of May 2013 it

What area in England has the number 447-974?

44 is the country code for the United Kingdom, so I guess the full number is: +44 7974 xxxxxx in international format or 07974 xxxxxx when dialling within the UK. If so, 07974

What country is area code 312?

North American area code +1 312 is in downtown Chicago, Illinois. International country code +31 is the Netherlands, and a number beginning with +31 2 is a landline.

Where is area code 447?

It isn't. The 44 denotes a UK number and the 7 denotes a mobile (cell) phone number, a pager, or a personal "follow-me" number. US area code +1 447 has been assigned to cent

What number do you dial before you enter 447 area code?

You're probably looking at an international number that begins with +44 7, which is either a mobile phone/pager (+44 74 through +44 79) or a personal "follow-me" number (+44 7