What did Martin Luther reform?

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The protestant church
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Was Martin Luther a reformer or radical?

\n. \nThe answer to that always depended on who was asked, and it may still depend on who is asked today. Historically, to those who clung tenaciously to the traditions of th

What was Martin Luthers Role in the Reformation?

Martin Luthers role in the reformation was to force the church to let humanism be allowed. Humanism is free-thinking. He wanted people to be able to be humanist and not have t

What did martin Luther do during the reformation?

he contributed to society by saying indulgences were wrong and when he tried to stop them he got excommunicated but that didn't stop him from preaching he went on and started

Why did Martin Luther begin the Reformation?

As a Catholic monk, Luther upset with several teachings of the Pope, became fully disenchanted with the practice of selling 'indulgences' - paying for the forgiveness of sin t

Why did Martin Luther need reform?

Martin Luther felt that the Catholic Church needed reform because of the bad behavior of his fellow clergy and the financial aspect of the church. One major objection he had w

Why was Martin Luther significant in the reformation?

Martin Luther was the one who wanted to reform the Roman Catholic Church. In other words... Change some things... He watched there was a lot of corruption and he as a But as a