What do Ivy League Colleges look at when you are in High School?

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Everything! You must be a well-rounded person to get into an ivy league school. From academics to clubs, you must do it all. Try your best and I'm sure you'll be fine.

Don't ever forget grades! If you don't get good grades, you are lucky if you get into any college!

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Not necessarily. A friend of mine is like you say a well-rounded person, an exemplary student. He has always been active in many students organizations to cause political, environmental, economic, or social changes in campus or beyond its limits. In addition to that he is a champman and plays basketball team and what? He has not been accepted to Ivy League institution because of inconsistent admission essay while other students who were far from being perfect got accepted because they have had their admission essays completed by professionals, I guess.

So this really doesn't matter, there should be sheer luck. Now I look how to choose a writing service for my son's admission essay, I do not want him to loose opportunity to study at Ivy League College. So maybe you should consider looking for professional help with your admission essay.
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What do you need to do to get into an Ivy League college?

Grades and test scores aren't the only things colleges are looking at anymore. Schools are much more concerned with students being well rounded in order to offer diverity into

What classes do you need to take in high school to get into an Ivy League school?

Answer . They each have their own requirements, but generally it is a full course load all throughout high school including: 4 years of english, 3-4 years of math, 2-3 year

Do ivy league colleges such as Harvard and Princeton accept students who are enrolled part-time in high school and part-time in a community college their senior year?

I know not about Hahvahd or Princeton, but I know that Yale does admit students who are enrolled in early honors type programs who have taken community college courses to supp

Is it possibe to be accepted into an ivy league school if you had poor grades in high school?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nI guess all things can happen, but if your grades were very poor, than it is unlikely. If you want to try, go ahead. You don't know unless you try.\

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A student would have to first attend an Undergraduate college before they could ever apply to an Ivy League (or any) Law School. The caliber of the school may play a factor in

Can a high school drop out get into an ivy league college?

It is not likely to happen. Even with a GED or equivalency it would be difficult to show that one has the ability to learn in that environment. It would be different if the