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What do you do if your swimming pool has too much chlorine?

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Lowering Chlorine LevelsThere is a product called "After Shock-Chlorine Reducer" by Jack's Magic. This will quickly lower the chlorine level in your pool. Please refer to manufacture for instructions on how to use with your swimming pool. Hope this helps!!


While using Jack's Magic will work, it's mainly a marketing ploy to make you think you need a lot of special pool chemicals. Here's a cheaper method:

Stop adding chlorine, and let the sun burn out the excess.
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How do you get rid of chlorine when you put too much in your swimming pool?

Just wait it out, the Ch level will come down. When you add Ch (Shock) you are spiking the Ch level and normal conditions use Ch and lower the concentration. Unless you put so

How do you get rid of too much chlorine in your pool?

Answer . \nevaporation and/or dilution\n. \nevaporation: chlorine will evaporate from a pool fastest on a hot, sunny day. leave the cover off for a bit.\n. \ndilution: a

Can you swim safely in a pool with too much chlorine?

Answer . That depends on the levels, however with high levels of chlorine when the sun is shining, it can burn the skin. There would have to be extreme elevated levels fo

What should you do if you have too much chlorine in your pool?

If you need to use the pool soon you can add sodium thiosulfate to reduce or eliminate the chlorine. The container will have a chart detailing how much to use. Or you can let

Can lithium chlorinate bleach your swimming pool water too much?

Probably not unless you have added massive quantities. It is a low grade chlorine consisting mostly of inert ingredients instead of chlorine. Read and compare the percentages

How will too much chlorine in a pool effect you?

burn you , they actually used chlorine gas in ww2 to kill, they used to GAS them.and it would make your lungs bleed,from the inside. and it is also a salt : sodium chloride. a

How much chlorine is in an olympic swimming pool?

Don't know what you mean by how much. How much does it take to bring the level up between 1.5-3.5ppm. You can go to the below link for your information. Good luck Robert

How much does chlorine for a swimming pool cost?

Maintaing your swimming pools ph(alkalinity) reduces your cost of chlorine an the amont of heat from the sun during the season may affect the cost. but i don't have a formula

Too much chlorine in pool is it safe to swim?

The NSPF states that between 1-3 ppm of chlorine is safe to swimin. Through my own studies, I actually recommend 4ppm as astandard. Especially in public pools or soft-sided ab