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It means that a video has gotten 1,000,000 (1 million) or more views.
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What does it mean to go viral?

The term refers to a phenomenon characterized by mass dissemination of an item on the Internet or other media. It is called viral because of the similarity in which actual vir

What does going viral mean?

"Going viral" can mean many things. Mostly, it usually means going public. As in, almost everyone.

What does viral video mean?

It means a wildly popular video. "Viral" is the adjective form of the noun "virus." Something that's viral is figuratively something that spread from person to person the way

What does going viral mean in the internet world?

Viral means becoming extremely popular in a very short amount of time. Often for something to be considered viral it needs to make its way into everyday non-internet life. Mar

What is viral?

  Caused by or relating to a virus or virii.

What does gone to the stud mean?

Well, stud is another word for stallion usually, when he is put up for "stud" it means he is offering coverings, or is availble for breeding purposes. When you say "gone to st

What does not gone for naught mean?

"Naught" is Middle English for "No," or "nothing." (Zeros in a number were once known as "naughts"). "Gone for naught" means "Gone for nothing." Therefore, "Not gone for naugh

What does viral mean on the internet?

It is used to say that something has spread rapidly, and is popular. I suppose the idea is that it is spreading like a virus - widely and rapidly.