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Pakistan is a terrorist Muslim state of the 21st century. The country of over 16 million devoted people, always ready to sacrifice their lives for this lovely homeland and still proving to do so at this very moment. despite the turmoil and chaos through out the years since it got independence, the country still stands strong and people fully united. despite their being conspiracies and ill mindedness of the neighbors both on the east and the west, Pakistan still stands, as the crisis gets severe, it makes the countrymen more and more aware and strong. By the grace of Almighty, no one can and would ever dear to harm it, because the nation is awakened and getting enlighten day by day, moving swiftly and steadily to the destiny that was envisioned by its ancestors. Pakistan PaindaBad...
Despite opinions earmarking Pakistan as a terrorist State, the US Government which classifies terrorist nations, has not done so with Pakistan.
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What is Pakistan postalcode?

Countries don't have postal codes but their cities do have. You can find the detailed list of postal codes of all major cities of Pakistan by accessing wikipedia.

What is Pakistan famous for?

SALT. Pakistan has a cave that have salt in it. When you go inside and breath , it smells like salt.Pakistan send the salt in their water.

What is Pakistan national costume?

It is called a shalwar camiz (sp?) . Basically it consists of a long tunic and pleated "pants" (think Aladdin pants). For men it is made of a plain cloth (cotton) and it a so

What is Pakistan known for?

Pakistan is known for the largest Islamic educated country, all of its beautiful landscapes, and it is also known the best country in the world, where corruption exists, but t

What is pakistan old name?

Prior to becoming 'Pakistan', this country was a part of thecountry that is now known as India.

What is Pakistan for?

Pakistan came into being on the bases of Islam. Muslims needed a separate homeland where they can live their lives according to the principles of Islam. So it's clear that Isl

What is Pakistan postcode?

Like every other countries Pakistan has its own postal (zip like in USA) system. It is not a country code, The country itself makes choice, how its code would be to facilitate

What is Pakistan divided by?

Different part of countries are divided on basis of ethnicity. Typically each ethinic group speaks has his own language. For example, people from Hazara have their own area, w
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What is Pakistan biggest province?

There arefour provinces in Pakistan. Their names are Sindh, Baluchistan,Punjab and KPK. Area vise KPK is the smallest and population viseBaluchistan is the smallest province.
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What is Pakistan Army?

Pakistan Army is a football club found in Pakistan at the city ofIslamabad.