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What is a web based service?

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Web-based services is become popular,The first wave of Web-based services were user interfaces to systems which before the Web could not be easily accessed over the network and This development made the Web as successful as a medium delivering a globally accessible interface to services.

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What is web services?

  The term Web services describes a standardized way of integrating Web-based applications using the XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI open standards over an Internet protocol back

What does a Web Service mean?

 A Web Service is a software component that is described via WSDL and is capable of being accessed via standard network protocols such as but not limited to SOAP over HTTP.

What is web service who writes it and how it works?

A web service is a service that is available for use over the internet. "Servers" are called such because they provide "services." Don't be confused by someone pointing at a c
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What services does Web Solutions include?

Web Solutions include a variety of services. Some of which include; website design, website development, and state of the art web solutions. No matter how complex your busines

What is offered at Amazon web services?

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