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An archipelago is a group, chain or cluster of islands surrounded by a large body of water, usually the open sea.
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Is Hawaii an archipelago?

An archipelago is a chain, or a cluster of islands. Hawaii is part  of an archipelago that includes 132 islands, reefs, and shallow  banks.

What is an Archipelago in the South Pacific belonging to New Zealand?

\n. \nNew Zealand is an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean made up of of three main islands (North Island, South Island and Stewart Island) and hundreds of smaller ones.

Where are archipelagos found?

Archipelagos are found in oceans all over the world. One of themost famous is the Aleutian Islands off the coast of the Americanstate of Alaska.

What is an archipelago nation?

One of the largest archipelago island nation is Indonesia. It is  located in the southern Pacific Ocean and the home to over 100  million people.

What is archipelagos?

Archipelagos are the countries or states that consists of many  islands like Philippines and Indonesia.