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Phonetics is the study of the sounds used in speech, how they are produced and so on. Phonology, on the other hand, is concerned with the sound system of a given language or dialect.
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What does a phonetic alphabet do?

  It shows you how to pronouce/say certain letters, phrases, and words. Accented letters, such as é, use the symbols above the letter to show you in textual form how the

What is the phonetic alphabet?

The phonetic alphabet is used to make spellings clearer over phone  or radio - kilo for letter k, foxtrot for letter f. Police and  other organisations use it to make sure t

What is the phonetics?

Phonetics is a branch of linguists that is concerned with the way  words sound. It also studies how those sounds are perceived by  those who hear them.

Why are phonetics important?

- Because pronunciation is the biggest thing that people notice about your English and one should study it even if he/she thinks that he/she can already communicate in English

What are the branches of phonetics?

There are three main branches of phonetics: i) Articulary Phonetics ii) Acoustic Phonetics iii) Auditory Phonetics

What is phonetics difference between vowels and consonants?

The phonetic difference between is whereas the vowels can be spoken  alone, the consonants cannot be spoken alone. Secondly when reading  the vowels, there is no closure of

What is auditory phonetics?

Auditory Phonetics: The study of speech perception and how the brain forms perceptual representations of the input it receives during the course of communication

What is 'a' in the phonetic alphabet?

A = alpha   b =bravoc=charley d=delta e=echo f=foxtrot g=golf h=hotel i=india j=juliet k=kilo l=lima m=mike n=november o=oscar p=papa q=qubec r=romeo s=seera t=tango u=unif

What are the benefits of phonetics?

Phonetics are supposed to help the learner with reading aloud. Basically, it is supposed to help pronuncation.

What is phonetic analysis?

Sounding out words by separating a larger word into the smaller sounds (both vowel and consonant sounds and blends) that make it up.