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Christopher Peterson, a native Utahn who is a University of Florida law professor and an expert on the high-credit industry, says states always imposed usury caps until recent decades - and Utah abolished its usury cap only in the early 1980s.
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Curfew laws Logan Utah?

Monday-Thursday 10:30 PM Friday-Saturday 11:59 PM

What are the extradition laws in Utah?

Most states will only extradite the most dangerous felons from a  state. The expense is too great to extradite petty crimes. All  states must follow the Full Faith and Credi

Is suicide against the law in Utah?

Yes, suicide or attempted suicide is illegal in all 50 states.

What does Usury mean?

As a general definition, usury is loaning money at extravagant interest rates. The legal definition varies.   The practiced of lending money to people, especially making

What crimes fall under the Three strikes law in Utah?

Utah probably has the fairest three strikes law in the country. You need three convictions of ANY first or second degree felony. After that, any felony conviction, first, se

What are curfew laws in St. George Utah?

5-5A-2: MINOR CURFEW:   It shall be unlawful for any minor to remain or loiter upon any of the sidewalks, streets, alleys or public places in the city between the hours of

Does Utah have stand your ground law?

Yes, Utah does have a stand-your-ground law. Additional states with a stand-your-ground law include Tennessee, Texas, West Virgina, Ohio, Arizona, and Alaska to name a few.

What is Utah law for children riding in the front seat of a car?

  I found a really helpful PDF put out by the Utah Safety council. According to it, there is no law regarding children riding in the front seat of the car: http://www.utah

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I have found nothing that flags as unusual in a search. Any engagement ring law is usually this: If the male breaks the engagement, she may keep the ring. If the female bre

Child abandonment laws in utah?

If a parent does not provide money, communication, food, clothing,  or shelter for a minor child for over 30 days it is considered  child abandonment in Utah. This can lead

Utah laws about 17 year old runaways?

Still considered a juvenile at the age of 17.  

In Utah can a minor be emancipated at sixteen and what are the laws regulations and guidelines?

  Answer   Utah didn�t used to have an emancipation statute, however, I *believe* that Utah recently passed an emancipation bill and it has been signed into law by

What is the usury rate in Texas?

  TEXAS, the legal rate of interest is 6%. Interest does not begin until 30 days after an account was due.     The judgment rate of interest is 18% or the rate in t

Does the usury prevalent in some areas of Philippines?

i guess so. u may want to prove it by yourself? this is how... stand-by inside a public market and observe how these foreigners receive daily payments of their loans from stal

What is Arizona usury rate?

The usury rate in Arizona is 10.0 percent as long as that rate was  agreed to in writing. This does not apply to corporations since  they do not have a special rate.