What is the difference in a christian church and a presbyterian church?

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A Presbyterian Church IS Christian.
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What are the different types of Christian churches?

Largest denominations in the world Catholicism - 1.2 billion . Roman Catholic Church - 1,147 million [1] . Roman Catholic Church (Latin Rite) - 1,125.5 million . Eas

Why are there different churches for the religion of Christianity?

Why are there Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Jews? Why are there Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims? Why are there Vishnu worshipers and Shiva worshipers? Why is there Soto

How are Catholic Presbyterian and Church of Christ different?

The really modern as the minute theory back then was Calvinism, and John Knox brought that back to Scotland where it struck root and spread down into England and beyond. Presb

What is the difference between The Church of England and Presbyterian?

The Church of England, known as the Anglican Church, has worshipand government that are very similar to the Roman Catholic church.Anglican clergy are called priests, with a hi

What is the difference between the Presbyterian Church and the Catholic Church?

The Presbyterian church grew out of the reformation, when corruption in Catholic church leadership made people question the Church. Presbyterian comes from the Greek word for

What is the difference between presbyterian church and Lutheran church?

For a very thorough answer, from a Presbyterian perspective, read Charles Hodge, Systematic Theology, and look up Luther, and Lutheran Doctrine in the index. There you will fi

What is the difference between the Presbyterian church and the Baptist church?

Baptist Church . Presbyterian Church. - Believe that only professing believers should be baptized ( Adults and adolescents who actively believe in the Holy Trinity as oppos

How many different christian churches are there?

There can really only be ONE Christian religion. Anyone can call themselves 'Christian'; but that doesn't mean that they really are. Matthew 7:22, 23 shows that while

What is the difference between Presbyterian US church and Presbyterian church?

There are actually many Presbyterian denominations. ThePresbyterian Church (USA) tends to take bold positions in areas ofsocial justice, including issues of human rights and s

What is the difference between a baptist church and a christian church?

They are the same church, of course; they are all branches of one Church of Jesus Christ. The difference between the Baptist church (branch) and the majority of others is that
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Different types of Christian churches?

This is not actually a question. However there are so many that it is impossible to count. There are many groups of people who call themselves a church. A true church in the b
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How is a presbyterian church different from a baptist church?

Like Baptists and other Protestant denominations, Presbyterianchurches do not have statues of any saints or relics or statues.Protestants don't really believe in the intervent
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What is the difference between the Anglican Church and the United Church of Canada and the Presbyterian Church in Canada?

The Bible speaks against all denominations and divisions in the Church, (1Corinthians 1.12,13 and 1Corinthians3,4,5), and states that there is: one Lord, one faith, one baptis
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Can you get married in a Presbyterian church if you are not Presbyterian?

The decision whether any particular couple can be married in their building rests with the ruling elders (session) of each individual Presbyterian congregation. As a general p