What is the different between Eastern Orthodox Church and Christian Church?

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The Eastern Orthodox Church is a Christian church. All Christian churches share the belief that Jesus Christ is God, born on Earth as a man, and that salvation, or freedom from sin, is to be attained by following Christ as one's personal Lord and Saviour.

Just as doctrine varies among other Christian churches, the Orthodox Church has doctrine that sets it apart. Some notable points are the Orthodox perspectives on the meaning of salvation, the concept of heaven and hell, and whether the Bible is to be interpreted literally.

If you would like to investigate the differences between Eastern Orthodoxy and other Christian churches such as Catholicism and various Protestant denominations, a wealth of information is available at the Orthodox Church of America's website, which you will find in the related links section.
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This is a long and sordid tale, the pat answers of the filoqueclause and unleavened versus leavened bread are ignorant answersthat ignore the real and historical problems that