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What is the meaning of 'moi avoir besain de eau'?

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What you are trying to say is "I need water" which is "J'ai besoin de l'eau"
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Where do you spray eau de toilette?

  Spray it on the back of your neck, the front of your neck, and on your wrists. Spray a little bit the palm of your hand, dab it on your finger tips, and rub it into your

What is the meaning and differences between perfume extrac eau de parfum eau de toilette eau de cologne and eau de solide?

Answer   Eau de Cologne (EdC)   Eau de Cologne is a local trademark for "Kölnisch Wasser" Cologne, Germany.   EdC is the term used today to refer to a perfume solu

What is the meaning of eau de toilette?

"eau de toilette" is a variety of light-scented perfume, less  concentrated as it has been diluted with ethanol or a similar  alcohol. 

Which is better perfume eau de or eau de parfum?

They're the same thing. Just different spellings.

When to use eau de toilette and eau de cologne?

The best time to use either is right after shower after towelling dry the body. Spray onto the body and the axillary/armpit for a longer lasting scent.

What is the meaning of 'avoir'?

" To have " is the most common meaning of the French infinitive avoir . Specifically, avoir is an important verb to know in French. For example, it is one of two verbs -