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Uganda is a country in east Africa that was formerly a British colony. It is located on the north shore of Lake Victoria, east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and west of Kenya. The country gained its independence in 1962.


Uganda is a inland country in Eastern, Central Africa (the equator passes through it). Part of it borders onto Lake Victoria near the capital "Kampala" . Its is a beautiful country with a wonderful people.
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Where is Uganda?

Uganda is a country in East Africa, on the Equator. It isbordered by Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, and theDemocratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Nile River runs throu

What do they do in Uganda?

In Uganda most children and few adults play sports for entertainment, some of the sports they do in Uganda is... football (what we know as soccer), netball (what we know as ba

What can you do in Uganda?

Build schools and hospitals Uganda has a beautiful hilly rural countryside. Literally if you go driving, you will constantly be going around large hills. Uganda is also home

What is Uganda well known for?

During the 1970s Uganda was ruled by a particularly nasty dictator named Idi Amin. He ruled brutally, even engaging in cannibalism and did such crazy things as declaring himse

What is Uganda famous for?

Uganda is famous for being the heart of Africa as the heart is on the left side of your chest. It is also well known for its runners and its traditional dance. the kigganda da