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The heritage of the so-called Byzantine Empire were the Greek and Roman civilisations.

The Byzantine Empire was the continuation of the Roman Empire. This term has been coined by historians to indicate the eastern part of the Roman Empire after the fall of the western part. This part of the Roman Empire continued to exist for nearly 1,000 years). The so-called "Byzantines" did not even know this term. They called their empire Imperium Romanum , Imperium Romanorum (Empire of the Romans) , or Romania in Latin or or Basileia Rhomaion, Arche ton Rhomaion or Rhomania , which were the same terms in Greek. The Term Romania was not related to the country which was later called Romania (it means land of the Romans).

The term Byzantine was chosen by a German historian in the 16th century as a derivation from Byzantium, a Greek city which evolved along Roman lines under Roman rule and which was then redeveloped, turned into an imperial capital and renamed Constantinople (City of Constantine) by the Roman emperor Constantine the Great in 330. It is used to indicate the fact that not long after the fall of the western part of the Roman Empire, this part of the empire became centred on Greece and Greek in character after it lost most of its non-Greek territories. Greek replaced Latin as the official language of this empire in 620, some 150 years after the fall of the western part. Both the terms Byzantine and Byzantine Empire became common in Western Europe in the 19th century.
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