When did Barack Obama change his name?

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Please note that the second answer comes from a "Birther"-- someone who believes President Obama was not born in the US and is not eligible to be president. In the interest of accuracy, whether or not you like or voted for Barack Obama, there is NO evidence he was adopted by his step-father, and NO evidence Mr. Obama ever changed his name, legally or otherwise. There is considerable evidence that in high school, he used the nickname Barry, rather than Barack, but he was always Barack Obama, contrary to Birther claims.

Second answer (with my comments in brackets):

Obama was adopted by his stepfather, which changed his name to Barry Soetoro. This is the name reflected on his Indonesian school records, as well as; his high school yearbook. By Obama's own admission he changed his name back in 1982. [Note: Mr Obama never "admitted" this; also, his high school yearbook refers to him as Barry Obama. And no, he was never legally adopted.]

This has generated new claims of Obama's deceptive nature, for it appears that his selective service record reflects the name Barrack H Obama. Other than the misspelling of his own name, he claims to have registered in 1979 after high school graduation while living in Hawaii. However, registration was not available in 1979, and the misspelled registration shows Sept 1980. This is the time he maintains he was attending Occidental when he was actually a resident of Los Angeles. [These are common Birther conspiracy theories. Mr. Obama was in fact enrolled at Occidental, he has no false selective service record, and Time magazine featured Mr. Obama in a 1980 story, when he was in fact studying at Occidental.]

This presents a dilemma in regards to the fact that failure to register was, and still is a serious felony. However, falsifying such a registration by using anything but his lawful name compounds that crime in in multiple ways. [There was NO falsification. Just another frequently debunked conspiracy theory.]

Failure to register would have made him ineligible for his financial aid in college, which would be a third criminal felony of defrauding the federal government. [He defrauded no-one. He paid for college with loans and scholarships, and with help from his grand-parents. And it is a myth that he was registered as a foreign student.]

Unfortunately there are no records that would validate or invalidate when or even if he reverted back to his birth name, for he continues to block access to all records that would clarify the answer, even his kindergarten records or blocked by Obama's legal dream team. [Nothing has been "blocked" nor has anything been "sealed." NO president is under any obligation to make confidential documents like school transcripts or medical records available to the public, and many presidents have kept those documents private. Doing so does not mean the person has anything to hide. That said, there are MANY examples that prove conclusively that Mr. Obama never changed his name, never had a false name, is not foreign-born, and is in fact eligible to be president. These facts have been repeatedly verified, by CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and yes, even Fox News. Sadly, some people do not want to accept this. But that does not make their conspiracy theories true.]
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When did Barack Obama change his faith?

Never. He was born to a mother who was a non-practicing Christian, and to a father who had been born into Islam but left that religion and became an atheist. The young Barack was raised to respect all faiths, but his family did not practice any. In fact, even when he lived in Indonesia for four year (MORE)

Did Barack Obama change his name?

No, Barack Hussein Obama, II has always been his name. He went by Barry in high school. He was named for his father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.

Does Barack Obama have a middle name?

Yes. It is Hussein, the same as Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., his father, for whom he is named: President Barack Hussein Obama, II. It should be noted that while in America, the name "Hussein" reminds some people of the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, in many other countries, it is a very common (MORE)

Did Barack Obama have another name?

His birth name is Barack Hussein Obama, II. Named after his father, Barack H. Obama, Sr. For a short time period he used the surname of his Indonesian stepfather which was Soetoro and was called Barry Soetoro.

Why does Barack Obama have a Muslim name?

Barack Obama was named after his father. It is not related to religion. His father was born in Kenya, where this is a common first and last name. His father was born into an Islamic family, and later became atheist. President Obama grew up away from his father, and has stated that he is a Christian. (MORE)

What does Barack Obamas name mean?

The first name, "Barack", means "blessed" and it's of semetic origin. In modern times, it's usually not typical for us in North America to find a fitting name any more. Not one in 10 really know the meaning or the language their name comes from. There are many websites that offer etymologies to name (MORE)

What kind of name is Barack Obama?

Barack Obama is a really cool name because that is what his mother named him and you have to like it but that's OK if you don't but you have to be nice and say that u like someones name

Where did Barack Obama get his name from?

Well, his first name "Barack" was the name his father chose for him. Even though, Barack's father left him at an early age, he never took his mothers last name which is "Dunham". He decided to take his fathers last name, Obama.

Is Barack Obama named Hussein?

Hussein is his middle name. It is a traditional family name and common in Kenya, where his father was from. The president's name is Barack Hussein Obama, II. He was named after his father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.

How did Barack Obama Get his name?

He was named after his father Barack Obama, Sr., who was from Kenya. The name is a family name that is common in his father's home region.

Will Barack Obama actually make a change?

By being the first black president, he already did make a change in America. But during his first term, Mr. Obama absolutely has made several changes, including being the first president in decades to implement health-care reform and expand access to it. Of course, it should be noted that no preside (MORE)

Has Barack Obama changed the world?

i think personally he has already changed the world. for one. millions of people other than Americans are happy that he is the new president. and second, he has forever changed the history of American presidency. he has added a new chapter, to how he is the first African American president. and ofco (MORE)

What are things Barack Obama is goin to change?

-He is going to pull out troops in Iraq. -Hes going to change the way schools are funded. -Hes going to take money from the rich,middle class, and poor, and then sort of give it back to them, but not in that same order. -Hes going to try to make peace agreements throughout the middle east. -Hes goin (MORE)

Has Barack Obama changed anything?

Yes, he brought us Obamacare, paved the way to voting for millionsof illegal Hispanics, ended American involvement in the war inIraq, allowed gays in the military, uses drones to kill suspectedterrorists, ordered the bombing of civilians in Yemen, and expandedgay marriage.

What is Barack Obama trying to change as president?

Obama wants . universal health care for all in the US . to remove immigration restrictions and let illegals vote . to allow gay marriage in every state . to allow gays in the military . to allow women in combat position . to increase the national debt

What will Barack Obama do to change the environment?

There is not one much that one person, even the President can do.However Obama has done what he could to help companies that producealternative energy and the machines that use alternative energy. Hehas blocked the pipeline from Canada to Texas, with someopposition.

Why does President Barack Obama have the name Obama?

Obama is his last name, which he inherited from his biological father. He has used it all his life and has never tried to change it. (Contrary to internet myth, he was never adopted by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro.) Sometimes, when he is jokingly referring to himself, he will just use his last name (MORE)

Who helped Barack Obama make a change?

I am not sure I understand the question. Are you asking about what changes the president has made, who his supporters are, or which groups worked with him to carry out his agenda? For example, Mr. Obama is a Democrat, so he has been helped by members of the Democratic party. His agenda has benefited (MORE)

What changes have Barack Obama made?

He has done many. the things that are happening, because of him is very good. He has introduced free health care, for all the people in america. Free NHS for the people who cannot afford it. thats quite good if you're poorly in the USA!!!!

Why does Barack Obama want to change America?

There is no evidence that Barack Obama wants to change America any more than any other president has: each president has a vision for the country, and wants his policies to become law. President Obama is ultimately a patriotic American, and would like for America to prosper and be well respected in (MORE)

What is the original name of Barack Obama?

President Obama's name is exactly what you have heard: Barack Hussein Obama II. He is named after his biological father, Barack Hussein Obama Senior, a man he barely knew but whose name he inherited when he was born. Contrary to internet myths, President Obama has never changed his name, nor was (MORE)

What changes did Barack Obama make to America?

There have been instances where the employer when made director,has made great contribution and efforts to bring hard tasks for its betterment,whether it could lateron be appreciated or not,such seems to be the contribution of Mr. Obama,with due regards.

Then why did obama change his name from bary to Barack?

I was a trick to make him sound more sophisticated. === His actual name was always Barack. He went by Barry when he was in school, probably because it caused less comment and was easier to spell. It may have been what his grandmother called him.

What changes did Barack Obama make in NY?

There is no evidence that President Obama has made any changes in New York specifically. New York City has a mayor and the state has a governor. If there are changes in a state, it is generally the governor or the mayor who propose them, and the state legislature then either turns them into laws or (MORE)

What major changes did barack obama do to the US?

In no particular order: Federal funding of stem cell research; closer oversight of the financial services/credit card industry; ratification of the nuclear weapons reduction treaty with Russia; rescue of the US automobile industry; health insurance reform; timetables for bringing our troops home fr (MORE)

Has Barack Obama changed the constitution?

There have been no changes to the US Constitution since Obama took office. Further, a president cannot change the constitution by himself. Changes must occur through amendments, and those come from congress and must be ratified in the states.

Who named Barack Obama dog?

I think it was a family decision. The dog was a present forPresident Obama's two daughters, Malia and Sasha. The name derivedin part after Michelle Obama's father's nickname Diddley; the dogis a namesake of the deceased singer Bo Diddley.

Can Barack Obama change his vice president?

I suppose he could, however it would be a long process and would make some Americans mad. Also, currently Barack is very fond of his VP, Joe Biden, so he wouldn't "swap him out."

When did Barack Obama legally change his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Obama?

Never. This is an old, and frequently debunked, internet myth, put forward by the Birthers, a group who refuse to accept that Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii and is a U.S. citizen. While he did live for four years in Indonesia, there is no credible evidence that his step-father ever adopted him. Most r (MORE)

How has Barack Obama changed your?

I think you are missing a word, and it would affect the answer: changed your... what? If you are asking how it has changed our country, when Mr. Obama was elected, it was the first time America ever had a black president. This certainly was a major change. Another change was the involvement of young (MORE)

Why was Barack Obama named after his father?

This seems to be a cultural custom: many men throughout history have wanted their son to bear the same name: John Smith and John Smith Jr., or James Jones Senior, James Jones II, etc. Mr. Obama's dad seemed to share that viewpoint that a man's son should carry on his name. The irony, of course, is t (MORE)

What is the name where Barack Obama lives?

Barack Obama, as the president of the United States, lives in an official residence in Washington DC. It is called the "White House" and it really is a white house, like a mansion. If you are from another country, you may not have seen it, so I enclose a link that has some photos of it.

How did Barack Obama make a change in the world?

Actually, the fact that he was America's first black president was certainly a change. Also, many countries (rightly or wrongly) disliked his predecessor, President George W. Bush. They felt Mr. Bush was too bellicose and talked to them in an arrogant way. They felt that Mr. Obama was more diplom (MORE)

How many names has Barack Obama had?

He has had only one name-- his legal name, Barack Hussain Obama. He was named after his biological father, who left the family when young Barack was two. For a while in his youth, he used "Barry" rather than Barack, but internet reports that he used other names (like his step-father's name, Soetoro) (MORE)

How old was Barack Obama when he did a change?

President Obama has made many changes in his life, but probably thebiggest one was when he decided to enter politics. Prior to thatdecision, he had been a law school professor and a civil rightsattorney. But in 1996, he ran for office for the first time, and hewon a seat in the Illinois State Senate (MORE)

What did Barack Obama change in your school system?

Actually, a president cannot directly change your school system. In a democracy, the educational system comes from both the states and the federal government. So there is federal policy about certain things (it is against the law to discriminate against people based on their gender or race or religi (MORE)

What was Barack Obama name when he was elected?

His name has never changed, contrary to myths you may read online. He has never been "Barry Soetoro" and while he was called Barry for a while in high school, that is simply a nickname for Barack. Mr. Obama's legal name has always been the name his biological father gave him at birth: Barack Hussein (MORE)