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Where are Italians located?

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To be pedantic immigration to America from Italy couldn't exist before 1861, when Italy was united. But the greatest amount of migration from that area between 1880 to 1914. There are little villages 'Little Italies' throughout America. There are the fifth largest migration group to the US. Most immigrants are found in Pennsylvania and Indiana.
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What is 'I am an Italian' in Italian?

Sono italiano is an Italian equivalent of 'I am an Italian'. In the word by word translation, the verb 'sono' means '[I] am'. The masculine gender adjective 'italiano', used

Why Rome's location on the Italian Peninsula an advantage?

Firstly, Rome's location near the Mediterranean Sea provided the city ports for trade. Next, the Italian Peninsula is quite mountainous, providing Rome something of a barrier

What are Italians?

Italians are people in or from the country of Italy.

Why is the Italian 1911 50 Lire Gold Battleship coin so hard to locate?

  My guess as this celebrate both the fiftieth anniversary of the Kingdom of Italy- and the golden anniversary of the Royal Italian Navy- hence the Battleship theme- they