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Pandas naturally come from parts in asia. China gives pandas as gifts to America and all sorts of countries. You can find them in zoos too! Isnt that awesome! yeah I know it is.
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Where are pandas found?

China . Most around the area of where China is.Their main diet is bambo,a type of plant. Pandas are only found in the undisturbed mountain forests of some parts of central C

Where are pandas on the food chain?

snow leopards eat pandas and pandas eat bambo I presume you mean the Giant Panda. The giant panda is at the top of the food chain - it has few preditors. The giant panda's

What can pandas do?

Pandas prefer sitting around eating bamboo all day. They are oftenseen eating in a while sitting with their hind legs stretched outbefore them. They are also skilled tree clim

Where are pandas mostly found?

Asia Zoos pandas r mostly found in China PS: sorry to those who r trying to do a reasearch report and need like the exact location and stuff

Where are pandas mainly found?

In Asia, particularly China.

Where are pandas in the US located?

San Diego currently has 4 Giant Pandas -- Bai Yun (f), Gao Gao (m), and 2 of their cubs -- Su Lin (f) and Zhen Zhen (f), both born at the San Diego Zoo. They had two other cub

Where are pandas used for food?

The habitats of the giant panda in China, and the red panda in the Himalayans, are locations where natives have long hunted pandas, but rarely just for food. Their fur is valu