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It is located between southeastern India and Myanmar. Most of the country is in a pocket surrounded by India.
It was formerly known as East Pakistan, part of historic Bengal that was established as an area of Islamic majority by the 1947 partition of India. It achieved its independence from Pakistan with support from India in 1971.
According to the constitution of Bangladesh, the main religion is Islam.
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What is Bangladesh?

Bangladesh (The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh) was once known as East Pakistan, which was a region controlled by (and politically and economically bullied by) West Pakistan.

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When the british gave the Indian Subcontinent independence the area was divided into India, West Pakistan, and East Pakistan. What we call Bangladesh is the former East Pakist

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If you are not Bangladeshi citizen that time most of the cases you need passport and visa to visit. For visa you can contact with Bangladesh Misissions Abroad (embassy) in you

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qAfter a big liberation which was taken 9 months . More than 30 lakhs people were dead &become mat yrs to make BANGLADESH independent.It was really a great history which is re

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Bangladesh is a rapper who named himself after the country Bangladesh. Birth name is - Shondrae Crawford

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narayangonj just outside of Dhaka can be a very good candidate answer. I have been there and it can't get much worse...

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Bangladesh is a country located in south Asia surrounded by India on all sides except for a small border with Myanmar to the far southeast.
In Bangladesh

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Bangladeshi students are not less brilliant than any other nations.But Bangladeshi student are not moving to US universities,because of lacking of knowledge regarding regardin