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Where was the first indoor plumbing used?

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Wikipedia says, " 26th century BC: Flush toilets were first used in the Indus Valley Civilization. The cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro had a flush toilet in almost every house, attached to a sophisticated sewage system." Let's see, about 4600 years ago.
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When was indoor plumbing invented?

Answer   Since there are so many different advances in "indoor plumbing" recorded from many time periods it is hard to be precise.   I found this webiste to be of much

Who invented indoor plumbing?

Inventing of Indoor Plumbing       A guy by the name of Crapper, YES, that WAS his name. Crapper     Answer     Actually, Thomas Crapper is only c

When did America have indoor plumbing?

The very first instance of indoor plumbing in the United States was  in 1829. Isaiah Rogers built the innovative Tremont Hotel, the  first building to have indoor plumbing.

Why was indoor plumbing invented?

During the Industrial Revolution in London in the late 18th and 19th century, there were many people that began to migrate to the cities in search of jobs. Since there had no

What temperature does indoor plumbing freeze?

  Assuming you don't mean water heating systems, and just mean normal fresh (drinking) water systems, then they freeze at 0 degrees Centigrade like all water. But in the

What year was indoor plumbing invented in the US?

Indoor plumbing was invented by the Romans. Its common use in the US began around the turn of the 20th century with the advent of pumps to move water. Some inventive people ha

Was indoor plumbing used in world war 2?

Yes they had indoor plumbing in World War 2. Some farmers did not have it but nearly everyone in the cities in the US, US and Europe and Some Asian places had indoor plumbing.