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Where was the first indoor plumbing used?

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Wikipedia says, " 26th century BC: Flush toilets were first used in the Indus Valley Civilization. The cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro had a flush toilet in almost every house, attached to a sophisticated sewage system." Let's see, about 4600 years ago.
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What are some terms used in plumbing?

In plumbing, a trap is a U-, S-, or J-shaped pipe located below or within a plumbing fixture. An S-shaped trap is also known as the S-bend invented by Alexander Cummings in 17

Which builder uses a plumb line?

  Mainly bricklayers, but also anyone else that need to know if something is perfectly vertical in all planes (from all directions).

When was indoor plumbing invented?

Answer   Since there are so many different advances in "indoor plumbing" recorded from many time periods it is hard to be precise.   I found this webiste to be of much

Why is copper pipe used for plumbing?

  Because it lasts and is very versatile and can be used for a variety of plumbing applications with amazing results

Why was indoor plumbing invented?

During the Industrial Revolution in London in the late 18th and 19th century, there were many people that began to migrate to the cities in search of jobs. Since there had no

What is the element used for plumbing?

Copper is used for most plumbing systems. Alloys such as steel and brass are also often used.

Which president remodeled the White House to install indoor plumbing?

The date at which indoor plumbing was installed in the White House  is something of a mystery. In 1831 under Andrew Jackson, running  water was put into a lower level room a