Which country is the manufacturer of Sony?

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Which country does Sony originate from?

Sony is a Japanese company, formed to manufacture and sell portable transistor radios. "Sony" was chosen because of the similarity of the word to "sound".

Who is the manufacturer of Sony Bravia LCD panels?

Manufacturer of Sony Panels Sony may make their own since they're one of the few manufacturers that are inclined to do so, but that doesn't necessary mean that Sony does. Many manufacturers will use displays from several different manufacturers to keep up the demands for supply. Whatever you d (MORE)

What country manufactures baseballs?

The USA. Rawlings makes the balls in Wyomissing, PA and Orlando, FL. And the "baseball mud" which is rubbed on about 6-12 dozen balls(on EVERY ball) before EVERY game by the umpire, is secret mud that comes from New Jersey at a hidden location along the delaware river(NJ side of it) & is only known (MORE)

What country manufactures the most baseballs?

Costa Rica. Rawlings, the sole source of baseballs to MLB, the minor leagues, and college baseball manufactures the baseballs at it's plant in Turrialba, Costa Rica. They import the cores, yarn, and cowhide from companies in the United States, manufacture the balls, and ship them back to the United (MORE)

Does Samsung manufacture LCD panels for Sony?

Yes they do, although that may change soon, see: http://www.engadget.com/2008/02/23/your-next-sony-lcd-tv-may-actually-be-a-sharp/ Sony, like many other manufacturers use parts from others. It may be possible for Sony to have a Samsung display in their LCD panels, and of course, I've seen many So (MORE)

Who manufactures Sony LCD TVs?

Historically Samsung has manufactured the LCD displays that Sony uses, however there is speculation that in the future they may use Sharp components. See: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Does samsung manufacture LCD panels for Sony and http://www.engadget.com/2008/02/23/your-next-sony-lcd-tv-ma (MORE)

In which country is Sony made?

Sony has a chip manufacturing plant in Nagasaki, Japan. According to their website, the parent company SMS, founded in 1969 by Sony Corporation, now has more than 550 employees worldwide and produces more than 500 different products. In addition to its corporate office in Tokyo, Japan, SMS has manuf (MORE)

What countries does Sony operate in?

Uzbekistan There are about 80 countries where sony has its regional headquarters and their additional information can be found out on http://www.sony.net/electronics/ where one can see a list of all the countries where sony is available and sony products can be purchased through dropshipping service (MORE)

Does Sony manufacture any other brands?

the Aiwa Corporation slid towards bankruptcy until it was purchased by competitor Sony Corporation. As of October 1, 2002, Aiwa ceased to be a separate company and became a wholly owned division of Sony Corporation.. Sony's reasoning for acquiring the company is unclear, other than that it was alre (MORE)

What country manufactures breezy wheelchair?

Sunrise Medical Inc. is the company that makes Breezy Wheelchairs. It has manufacturing facilities in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain. Its headquarters are in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

What country manufacturers Acura?

Japan does.. However its slightly more complicated than that. Acura is owned by Honda Motors, a Japanese based company. But Acura itself began in the US. Only recently (2008) did Acura open in Japan as well.

What countries do Sony operate in?

Sony is an electronics company that operates in many differentcountries. For example, they operate in Japan, which is where thecompany is based.

Why is China a big manufacturing country?

China has the largest human population in the world. It has a huge amount of human capital. This means there is a HUGE labor supply. According to the laws of supply and demand, because the labor supply is so huge companies there can charge super super super low wages. This is because if 1,000 people (MORE)

Which country made Sony TV good?

It was Sony themselves who made Sony a good brand. Sony is a Japanese company and therefore, Sony being a good brand is a Japanese achievement.

What company manufactures Sony PlayStation?

All Playstations are part of the Sony brand currently they make the portable PSP and PSP Go and will also make the Playstation Vita releasing it on December 31 2011. They no longer make a Playstation and only make the PS2 and PS3 Games consoles

Which country manufactures skagen watches?

skagen watches are mostly made in Denmark, although they are manufactured from components that come from many other countries, including China. The company is based in the United States.

What is the manufacturers warranty with a Sony CD player?

Sony's warranty on CD players may depend on the specific model that you have. But usually, if, within 90 days of purchase, if it's defective, Sony will replace or fix it for free. Of course, this doesn't cover scratches that may have been due to consumer mishandling.

Does Sony manufacture a flat LCD TV?

Yes, Sony most certainly produce and make flat lcd televisions. They come in an array of screen sizes. You can locate them at most electronic retail outlets such as Best Buy.

What year was the Sony kv-27s10 manufactured?

Very little information was available online at Sony for the 27" Trinitron® Color TV and it has been added under the related link. Another link contained a warning on models from 1991 purchased at military exchanges

Is the cybershot digital cameras manufactured by Sony?

The Cyber-shot digital camera is a Sony product. These cameras are valued for being pocket-sized and also for their point and shoot capability. Cameras are available in a variety of colors and many feature touch screens.

What country manufactures Sony lcd tv's?

My new LCD 40 inch bravia Tv has no information of country of manufacture. It just states in a paper sticker "product of Sony corporation" could someone explain?

Who is the manufacturer of Sony TV?

Sony, a large Japanese conglomerate company who is headquartered in Japan are the makers of Sony TV, unsurprisingly. Sony was founded in 1946 and is one of the worlds leading electronic producers.

What sizes of television does Sony manufacture?

Sony manufactures a wide range of TVs that come in sizes that range from under 24 inches to over 46 inches. The size specifications available are dependent on the country one is purchasing the TV in. In order to get a better idea of what TV sizes are available for purchase in a particular region, (MORE)

What country manufactured the Javelin missile?

The FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile was first manufactured by the United States to replace the Dragon anti-tank missile in 1996. It was designed in 1989 and is still in production today at eighty thousand dollars US per missile.

In what country are BBS wheels manufactured?

BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik, or BBS for short, are wheels that are made for motorsport applications. Currently, these wheels are manufactured in Schitach, Germany globally and Braselton, Georgia for U.S. markets.

What sizes of plasma TV does Sony manufacture?

Since the beginning of 2005, Sony has decided to stop manufacturing plasma tv screens to concentrate on the market of LCD based technology and more currently the LED, 3D technology. Therefore Sony does not produce any size of plasma tv.

Which countries manufacture Cadillacs?

There are two countries that manufacture Cadillacs. The first country that ever produced and continues to produce Cadillacs is the United States. The second country that now manufactures Cadillacs is China.

In which countries are Volvo trucks manufactured?

Volvo trucks are manufactured in Sweden, as that is the country they originated from. They are also manufactured in Dublin, Virginia from the United States. 13 other countries manufacture Volvo trucks.