Which country is the manufacturer of Sony?

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Who manufactures Sony LCD TVs?

Historically Samsung has manufactured the LCD displays that Sony uses, however there is speculation that in the future they may use Sharp components. See: http://wiki.an

Why does Sony manufacture its products in Japan?

Sony is a Japanese based manufacturing company of tech products. A little more than half of its output is in Japan, athough it does have sites in China and the U.S., among oth

What company manufactures Sony PlayStation?

All Playstations are part of the Sony brand currently they make the portable PSP and PSP Go and will also make the Playstation Vita releasing it on December 31 2011. They no l

What country manufactures Sony lcd tv's?

My new LCD 40 inch bravia Tv has no information of country of manufacture. It just states in a paper sticker "product of Sony corporation" could someone explain?

What sizes of television does Sony manufacture?

Sony manufactures a wide range of TVs that come in sizes that range from under 24 inches to over 46 inches. The size specifications available are dependent on the country one