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There is a painting in FRANCE that shows a life-sized cleric, with a bookshelf behind him with ALL the books of the Bible. It is NOT popular with the various CHURCHES that teach that the BIBLE is "un- changed" from the beginning... since,
the books clearly show the biggest, most important book of the Bible, the book of MARY ! About 300 years after supposed life of Jesus, a group of men held a meeting to "CHOOSE" which of the many books that were written, were to go in the "standard" Bible. In order to "appeal" to the more barbaric non- Christian tribes and religions, it was decided to get RID of all powerful women, in any form, and the most important book, MARY was deleted, and instead of the most powerful person with the most quotes of Jesus, she was reduced to a tiny mention as a prostitute. Yet, even with that massive purge of all women, powerful women, rich women, important women, etc., you may note that, even now, there were only a dozen or so people in the entire bible who HELPED Jesus - and they are all women! Note also that there are 5 books of Genesis, and in keeping with the demeaning, disrespectful "Customs" of men towards women, in the non-Christian religions that the Church wanted to convert, the book that shows EVE, the woman, as the evil one who destroys EDEN, was chosen as " the only" version that the Bible would use.
The CHURCH at that time ordered all the books of the bible with women as important figures to be BURNED. Most of them were, except in Egypt, where a MONK buried the forbidden books ( of GOD ) in a large earthenware jar, deep in the sand. It was discovered by a man who was turning over the soil - a process that has to be done every few years, since the tiny amounts of nutrients for a garden are depleted after only a year or two. The farmers have to remove the top layer of sand, dig up the fresh sand from below, and put the new sand on top. He discovered the jar. There are powerful legends in Egypt about CURSES put on objects that were buried so the jar sat there while the man thought. Even though it is hot in the daytime, at night, since the sand reflects over 80% of the sunlight, it gets below freezing when the sun goes down, so the man made a fire to keep warm. After much deliberation, he decided to open the jar - it could be fantastic gold and jewels, and he thought it was worth the risk. Instead, he found some extremely old leather bound books - in a language he could not read ! disgusted, he threw some of the books in the fire , and finally decided to show them to the experts. These were the missing books of the Bible. the Churches have known about this for decades, but do not tell the truth to the public... So the people who chose the BOOKS of the Bible, did so thousands of years ago. You can research the missing books on the internet...
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