Why does Malaysia claim the Spratly Islands and Sabah when the Philippines claims them too?

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Malaysia did not have interest in the spratlys, But when the philippines started exploring the island and found gas and oil resserve malaysian goverment suddenly had interest is spratlys.

If your going to ask me How did the Philippines claim Spratly and Sabah Islands?

I think the 90% Christian majority of the Philippines understand and share the feelings of the Sabahans. Middle age Filipinos had the felling of connectivity towards the Sabahans for the Philippine history dictates the historical connection and experiences.
If Sabah chose to be part of the Philippines, then their interest will be well protected and respected. The Philippine government is the bastion of democracy in Asia and the Filipinos knows it by heart.
It is said the majority of the Christian Sabahans are fearful of the mass immigration if Sabah would be integrated to the Philippines, will that fear is unfounded, the Philippine government respect diversity and would surely protect the interest and right of its citizens.
Like the Christian Filipino, Christian Sabahans will also enjoy the same, and be protected to the fullest extent of the law. Christian Sabahans should not be fearful to their brother Filipinos; they are the same and have shared the same in time and space.
Let lost that fear, look forward for the brighter future!

Spartly Island is not completely owned by Philippines the Philippines is only protecting the 9 islands against invaders and one of those island contains oil and gas and the china think it is unfair so they are trying to claim it

note: as you can see all Islamic country has a oil (middle east) Philippines is a Islamic country before but it became christian when the Spaniards came and also there are oil and gas in mindanao Philippines that Islam people are protecting it but the government doesnt know this yet.

Malaysia is currently profiting out of sabah which is part of the philippines if I were the sabahan I would have joined the philippines instead,but I dont blame them they were tricked into voting against the Philippines. local Sabahan's illiteracy where exploited into voting against the Philippines.

And if your going to ask me if Why Malaysia keeps holding Sabah if not belong to them?

Malaysia has seen what the British has done and so they imitate to grab the opportunity when they got their independence from the British empire in 1963. Peninsular government of Malaysia slowly edge to make it appear Sabah is part of Malaysia by appointing interim administration and change the name from North Borneo to Sabah in a blink of an eye. It was also clear to the Malaysian Constitution that Sabah is a partner rather than a member state of Malaysia. It was also clear that Sabah is only interim member state.

Sabah is now currently contributing 30% to the whole economy of Malaysia. From this standpoint, simple calculations will give us at least US$12 billion dollars generated income annually. Malaysia has all the reason to hold Sabah ,a merely US$1,500 dollars rental to Sabah since 1963 is being paid by Malaysia. In short, the only capitalization involved is the rental versus billion dollar earning every year, Is that not enough reason to hold Sabah?

It was said that Malaysia is continually muddling the traditional leadership of the Royal Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo by paying fake sultans among the relatives to the throne, to make it appear that squabble is there to reason out that they do not know who is the genuine sultan of whom Sabah will return.

There is also rumors that even the past and present administrations of the the Philippine government is continually secretly receiving dole out money from Malaysia in condition not to interfere or help the now traditional governance of the Royal Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo.

And also if your going to ask me Why Malaysia says they own Sabah?

The basis of Malaysia in owning Sabah is based on Landgrabbing Principle employed by the British government. The original lessee is a private british company, British North Borneo Company. The British government has signed a 'Friendship Treaty ' to the Sultanate kingdom .The British government broke the Treaty of Friendship when they absorbed the lease of which they are not an entity to the 'Lease Contract of 1878" and clearly stipulates the non transferrability. Malaysia followed this suit by absorbing the same when they got their independence in 1963 - If the modern world cannot understand this then let us live like a hypocrites and forget the Omnipotent creator that we all believe., whether Allah, God or Yahweh.The Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo now is politically diminished but not culturally and traditionally. the history never lie only the Spanish and American people who wrote the historical hoax of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo Kingdom to achieve their colonizations.

And also if your going to ask me if Is Sabah part of Malaysia?

Sabah and Sarawak is legally not a part of Federal Malaysia based on conditional partnership they agreed when Peninsular Malaysia become Federated in 1963. The 3 major reason for Sabah and Sarawak to join in partner with Federal is Military , Monetary and Taxation. Sabah and Sarawak has partnered with Federal Malaysia based on 20 point agreement, their own State Constitution separate from Federal Constitution. The 20 point agreement has been forged prior to Sabah and Sarawak association to Federal Malaysia . Being a partner to the Federation does not mean to become a state of Malaysia. This is very clear that separate State of Sabah and Sarawak Constitution is in place. unlike the Peninsular Malaysia that all covers by Federal Constitution. The conditional partnership of Sabah and Sarawak cannot be contituted as full member of the Peninsular Federation of Malaysia.

Sabah and Sarawak can at anytime decide if they still want to be a part of the Federal Malaysia through partnership by simply passing a law by the State Government annulling the partnership. This is the point of view by State MP's to segregate because the federal is abusive of the Financial allocation exercise over the two State. Sabah and sarawak combined contribute 60% of Malaysian economy and yet they only receive 5% of the total economic contributions to those two state. Sabah and Sarawak has their own rights, religions and land laws , they pay in return a tribute to Federal Malaysia in return of providing the Military and Monetary by paying excessive Taxation.
The philippines can sustain sabah militarily and financialy
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How did the Philippines claim Spratly and Sabah Islands?

I think the 90% Christian majority of the Philippines understand and share the feelings of the Sabahans. Middle age Filipinos had the felling of connectivity towards the Sabah

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