Why is my server down on eclipse?

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Toll Free :0800-098-8906. For BT Yahoo - United Kingdom. Is this the right phone number?
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Should a server be shut down?

Usually you don't shut them down at all. Actually if you want to shut it down - you have to tell it why your shutting it down - not sure if this applies to Linux servers. But

Is Mercenaries 2 server down?

hmm...there are times when they do, hopefully, the PC version servers are down only a very little amount of time..the worst is if u have it for xbox..they are down for days so

Is comics com server down?

I have not been able to access comics.com for 2 days. Also, there are a lot of sites that are using the opportunity to try to install spyware on your pc...be careful.

How do you shut down roblox servers?

Either you are the owner or the owner has made a script to shut down the servers when someone says too. The owner can shut down a server at any time by going onto their places

Is xtremespeeds servers down today?

xtremespeeds has been down for over 1 week now. The following information was given to its users.... 28th of july i had my house raided under suspicion of been part of Ima

Why is the internet servers down?

The Internet is a series of interconnected servers; probably you are having a problem getting to a specific server but that may not be the Internet's problem ...

Things to do when wow servers are down?

Check your email, go outside and smell the roses, spend time with your family. There are a ton of things to do when the servers are down for maintenance.

What should you Do If your Server Seems To Be Down?

Refresh W.O.W or restart your computer. Also check for he day of the week. If it is a Tuesday, chances are very high that they (Blizzard) is doing maintenance on the servers a

Why are pokecyrus servers down?

because they are saying that there is a bug and one someone catches a Pokemon and is a different sprite it turns into another Pokemon in your roster so they shut down servers