Why is racism dangerous?

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Any promotion of hatred or bias based on misunderstanding of facts without knowing or understanding is bad in society that need a reasoned approach to dealing with issues.
It's dangerous because of how it makes others act upon others. To be racist doesn't mean to act violently, but as a person continues to hang on to racist thoughts and views, they may very well think they need to act on them in a violent manner; this is especially if they feel they are not getting their way through other means.
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How did racism start?

Racism has been around about as long as the human race has. We as humans have always been ignorant about several things, race being a big one but it is mainly because since then it has been passed down in the many families. And many children how are now the full grown women and men you see today wer (MORE)

An essay on racism?

RECENTLY OUR world has seen the signs of xenophobia in different countries. We forget that Abraham Lincoln fought against the existence of slavery . Our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi tried to abolish the discrimination based on colour of skin in South Africa. Many others like Martin Luther King (MORE)

Who does racism affect?

EVERYBODY! Answer: In the US and Canada, I think racism mostly affects the minorities such as blacks or any visible minority, plus invisible minorities such as Jews gays and lesbians. I think there's still a black gang in the US called The Black Panthers.not a gang I think they were known as a cr (MORE)

Does racism exist?

Yes, it does. It exists all over the world and affects all races of the world.

What is systematic racism?

According to Dr.Joe R. Feagin, systematic racisim are all the well-institutionalized patterns of discrimination that cut across major political, economic, and social organizations in a society.

How does racism affect?

Africans or the term (dark or black or Afros) along with if born in the US as African Americans, and racism affect the world alot. Racism is known as the unfairness of rights or privileges among color of skin. In early history there were such as slaves. Forced to do hard labor for little or no pay. (MORE)

How did racism started?

Racism has been around about as long as the human race has. We as humans have always been ignorant about several things, race being a big one but it is mainly because since then it has been passed down in the many families. And many children how are now the full grown women and men you see today wer (MORE)

Why is racism bad?

Racism is bad because people shouldn't have to face any prejudices or discrimination because of their race and heritage.

What are the negatives of racism?

Racism does not harm only the people hated. The person doing the hating is also harmed. Holding onto irrational fears and refusing to look at other ways of thinking locks you into a rigid thought habit which keeps you from using your full potential. Hating is also harmful to your body. It can cause (MORE)

Is there racism in gangs?

Sure there is racism of all kinds, a white guy is unlikely to get into some gangs whose members are Latino or African American, and vice versa.. A gang is made up of one type of race usually. It is very rare for a black guy to be in a Mexican gang but it happens or a white guy in a black gang but t (MORE)

Can racism be stopped?

Yes, it can. All one has to do is stop being racist and they themselves have stopped their racism. It is much harder to stop someone elses racism as it is ultimately their choice in doing so and they cannot be forced to think a certain way even if their way of thinking is seen as unjust by many.

Why did racism begain?

There is no REAL reason that racsim began...it has been around since ancient times, when one race feels that they are superior to the other. The western countries for example, when they arrived in china in the 1800's, both nations believed that they were superior than the others. So its more of a be (MORE)

Who is racism?

Racism is not a person, it's an idea. It's the idea that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes; the belief that one race is superior to all others; prejudice or discrimination based upon race.

What dangers did Martin Luther King face when fighting racism?

Martin Luther King Jr. faced many dangers in his fight against racism. Because he had opposition from many parts of the United States, one danger and the most violent one was being assassinated. Sadly this happened. Before this tragedy he faced the danger of being arrested. This happened to him many (MORE)

Why does racism hurt?

racism huts everyone and eveyone has pride in their heritage and lineage. when you insult that, it's always personal, like you're insulting the very core of someone's identity.

How do you respond to racism?

well..you know, i'd just be racist back, but, if you want to be logical and more...nice, you should probably tell someone about it. Hope I helped! :D

Is racism a noun?

Yes, the word racism is a noun, an abstract, common, uncountable noun; a word for a belief that certain races of people are by birth and nature superior to others; discrimination or hatred based on race; a word for a concept.

How bad is RACISM?

Very bad ! NO-ONE should be made to feel inferior just because they come from a different country, or because they have a different skin colour.

Is there racism in biking?

I have been doing competitive road racing for a while. I have mostly seen support no racism as i can see. But i suppose there is out there.

Why racism bad?

Because that won't make people feel good. They will have low confidence in themselves and it will affect them for the rest of their lives.

What are the problems with racism?

Racism puts people or groups of people into certain molds, typically called stereotypes. By living in this kind of world we aren't judging people for who they are and their capabilities we're judging them on what we assume they are. Problems that are the result of racism are unfairly judging one (MORE)

What made racism?

Well slavery is the closest. Some people still think whites want them to be slaves but some whites are mad at the black people because they think they're mad about it. The most accurate reason though is they think they act different. It's not really any certain race that acts different though. Some (MORE)

How is racism a problem?

When one looks at many of the problems of the world because of feelings of entitlement and feelings of racial superiority, it isn't that hard to see how racism is a problem. It leads to lives being lost and so harshly affected with rights being taken away along with voices being ignored because so (MORE)

Is there racism in The Bible?

There are examples of racism recorded in the Bible, but the Bible does not teach racism. It specifically denounces it. The Bible teaching on race is that all of humanity is of "óne blood" as all are descended from one human pair, Adam and Eve, and so are closely related. The concept of race as w (MORE)

Is racism dying out?

No, unfortunately, it is not. Racism is as strong as ever all over the world by people of all races.

What are symbols for racism?

It is no such thing of a racism symbol. Symbols can be made from a different race of people in different countries or cultures. I hope this information helps. :-)

Why is racism hurtful?

Answer: Because it makes someone feel bullied and left out. It would be like a black sheep being left out of a herd of white sheep because of its colour. It feels horrible if someone makes you feel different from others. Answer: What's true is that in terms of race, we are and aren't differe (MORE)

How bad can racism get?

Racism can get so bad someone would murder someone of another race out of pure hate. This can happen anywhere in the world, by any race, toward any race.

When is racism okay?

To many, it is never okay to generalize and stereotype people based on the color of their skin or their heritage. Many see no way racism can help anyone as all it does is divide the world, nations, and neighborhoods alike. It leaves most feeling looked down upon and treated without respect.

How do you start racism?

You don't. You stop it. Racism is one of the worlds biggest problems. It starts arguements that turn into fights and maybe then a small war. If you're doing anything including racism, try to stop it.

Who is racism affecting?

Racism affects everyone in some shape or form. By working towards ending racism we're hoping to end any prejudices or stereotypes people have about a particular race or culture.

Why was racism baned?

Racism is not banned. A few laws outlaw race DISCRIMINATION by employers and unions, even if that conduct is not motivated by racism.

What can racism do?

What can racism do? 1. It can make one say, "Racism is feeling one is better than thoseof another culture. I don't feel I am better than any other, so I'mnot racist, I just want you (insert here all the differences aboutyou..) as far away as possible from me and my 'kind' that I lovevery much. I ho (MORE)

What is an example of racism?

Examples of racism: When I was walking through a neighborhood in Boston to go to school, people were yelling to get out of their neighborhood, that I didn't belong there. They were black and I am white. That is racism. Saying aloud that an employer should have a racially balanced workforce. Mor (MORE)

How can racism be fixed?

Racism will NEVER be fixed. There is always going to be that person who thinks that they are better because of their color. Myself, I have been through racism and it hurts a lot. Being only 14 and going through this because of my race is horrible. But like I said there is always going to be that one (MORE)

Why is racism tolerated?

There are really a lot of racists in the world; you can try to fight racism, but it is not possible to put all the racists of the world in jail, or send them to re-education facilities until they give up their racism. We do not have the resources for such a project even if it were possible to enact (MORE)

Racism and islam which is more dangerous?

Your question would be like asking, "Sexism or Judaism, which is more harmful and insulting?" You have a religious belief and discriminatory ideal. While they may exist together in the same person, it all depends on what a person believes their belief or ideal requires of them and how they act on (MORE)

Is there racism in the talmud?

The Talmud does not have the best things to say about Non-Jews, butdoes not advocate for negative treatment of Non-Jews provided thatthey do not infringe on Jews' freedom to worship. Answer: The Talmud says that worthy non-Jews have a share in the reward ofthe afterlife (Tosefta Sanhedrin ch.13). (MORE)

What is pervasive racism?

"Pervasive" means spreading widely throughout an area or a group of people. There is also a connotation of insistence or intransigence.

Is racism a subculture?

Racism is not a subculture but a common belief that members of a subculture known as "skinheads" share.

How is racism used?

It is generally used to hold other people back or to put others down because of their race. It is used to bully others, often on grounds unrelated to race, by using their race as a weapon. It is sometimes used to provoke actions in others such as suicide or violence. Some people use racism as a w (MORE)

Can you do anything about racism?

Yes u can. You can choose what to do with yourself you can't control other just yourself so go do what you believe in. As far as racism it is natural to be racist . Would you favor your race and family over a other one? Or rather a favor another family who is alien to yours? . But there a racist who (MORE)

What is the term racism?

The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as... . Prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on such a belief. . The belief that a race is better than another race or that on (MORE)

Who discovered racism?

Racism has been part of man from the earliest history of man. It was not "discovered", but part of man's nature.

What is a defiition for racism?

Racism is the belief that one race of people is inherently better than another race. For example, if you believed white people were always better than black people, you would be racist. Likewise, believing that black people are better than white people is equally racist. By pure coincidence I'm sure (MORE)

Was racism taught?

The white taught the young to beleive that black people were bad which they are not so in a way they were taught (brain washed)