Why is racism dangerous?

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Any promotion of hatred or bias based on misunderstanding of facts without knowing or understanding is bad in society that need a reasoned approach to dealing with issues.
It's dangerous because of how it makes others act upon others. To be racist doesn't mean to act violently, but as a person continues to hang on to racist thoughts and views, they may very well think they need to act on them in a violent manner; this is especially if they feel they are not getting their way through other means.
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How did racism start?

Racism has been around about as long as the human race has. We as humans have always been ignorant about several things, race being a big one but it is mainly because since th

What is systematic racism?

According to Dr.Joe R. Feagin, systematic racisim are all the well-institutionalized patterns of discrimination that cut across major political, economic, and social organizat

Who is racism?

Racism is not a person, it's an idea. It's the idea that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes; the belief that one race is superior to all others; prejudice or disc

What dangers did Martin Luther King face when fighting racism?

Martin Luther King Jr. faced many dangers in his fight against racism. Because he had opposition from many parts of the United States, one danger and the most violent one was

Why does racism hurt?

racism huts everyone and eveyone has pride in their heritage and lineage. when you insult that, it's always personal, like you're insulting the very core of someone's identity

How do you respond to racism?

well..you know, i'd just be racist back, but, if you want to be logical and more...nice, you should probably tell someone about it. Hope I helped! :D

What is Historical racism?

Historical racism is primarily based on the decent, ancestors and origins of a person or people.

Is racism a noun?

Yes, the word racism is a noun, an abstract, common, uncountable noun; a word for a belief that certain races of people are by birth and nature superior to others; discriminat

What is cultural racism?

It is a form of racism where specific cultures or a particular ethnicity are targeted.

How bad is RACISM?

Very bad ! NO-ONE should be made to feel inferior just because they come from a different country, or because they have a different skin colour.

Is there racism in biking?

I have been doing competitive road racing for a while. I have mostly seen support no racism as i can see. But i suppose there is out there.

Why racism bad?

Because that won't make people feel good. They will have low confidence in themselves and it will affect them for the rest of their lives.
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What can racism do?

What can racism do? 1. It can make one say, "Racism is feeling one is better than thoseof another culture. I don't feel I am better than any other, so I'mnot racist, I just w

Racism and islam which is more dangerous?

Your question would be like asking, "Sexism or Judaism, which is more harmful and insulting?" You have a religious belief and discriminatory ideal. While they may exist tog