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The study of science is essential. Let me give you some quick examples of why you must know science in everyday life:
  • ANYTHING you learn makes you smarter!
  • Science is the STUDY of the world around us - by learning science you learn HOW to study and learn (the scientific method, experimentation, research, etc)
  • Science is the study of the WORLD around us - you learn all about the world that we live in - how things work, what living things there are, how things happen, etc
  • Science helps you to become less gullible - there is a lot of WRONG information on the television, the internet, and in rumors - if you learn the truth by learning science, you won't fall for all those scams, cons, hoaxes, and quack medicine schemes!
Here are some more specific reasons to study each type of science:

BIOLOGY - this is the study of anything that is alive; there are many sub-categories like microbiology, botany, and zoology:
  • learning how living things work helps you to understand your own body and your health
  • learning how living things survive helps you to understand why people act the way they do
  • learning how living things are all connected helps you to see why it is important that we preserve our planes

PHYSICAL SCIENCE - these are the sciences that study nonliving things, including astronomy (studying the stars and other planets), earth sciences (geology, meteorology, oceanography, etc), and physics:
  • Learning how the universe works helps you to understand why things happen
  • Llearning how the earth is made helps you to understand why the world is the way it is
  • Learning how the earth works helps you to plan and survive natural events like earthquakes, tornadoes, and tsunamis
  • Learning how the universe works helps you to see connections between all things

SOCIAL SCIENCE - these are sciences dealing with human beings; some examples of social sciences include anthropology, geography, economics, and history:
  • Learning how people interact helps you to get along with others better
  • Learning how the world works helps you to be more successful
  • Learning what people have done in the past helps you to avoid making the same mistakes and to see new things that could be tried in the future
  • Learning how people in different cultures live helps you to understand them and avoid conflicts
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