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Who were Adam and Eve?

A: In the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), they were considered to be the first people on earth. In those religions Adam and Eve were believed to be crea (MORE)

What did Adam and Eve do?

God told them to "keep" the garden, so they likely tended to it.  Maybe even picking up fallen leaves and cleaning up after animals.  It was a perfect earth, but still a phy (MORE)

Why did god make Adam and Eve?

For his own enjoyment The angels instinctively worshiped Allah Almighty. He was like a hidden treasure. He wished to be known. He wished that someone should seek Him, discov (MORE)

How were Adam and Eve born or created?

Just as the Genesis creation accounts say that God did not create the world out of nothing - ex nihilo - so the Bible says that God did not create Adam and Eve out of nothing. (MORE)

Did Adam have a girlfriend before eve?

No. Eve was the first woman.   Answer:There is a tradition in Judaism that tells the story of Adam's first wife, Lilith. Various stories are associated with Lilith in vari (MORE)

How did God appear to Adam and Eve?

Genesis says that God walked around and talked to Adam and Eve, face to face. The author of these passages, now known as the Yahwist, always wrote of an anthropomorphic God wi (MORE)

How many child did Adam and Eve have?

The bible only talks about three, Cain, Abel, and Seth. They had a lot more not mentioned. I also know they had a daughter because someone told me that the other reason Cain k (MORE)