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Did al gore win an Oscar?

Contrary to popular belief, Nobel Prize winner Al Gore did not win an Oscar. He did go on stage when An Inconvenient Truth won the Oscar for Best Documentary. But the prize go (MORE)

Where did AL Gore go to college? Al Gore got his undergraduate degree from Harvard University (he roomed w/ Tommy Lee Jones (Actor) at o (MORE)
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Why was al gore important?

He was indeed very important. He was the 45th Vice President of the United States of America under President Bill Clinton. He is most know for his environmentally sound moveme (MORE)
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Was al gore ever president?

No -- he lost the election in 2000 even though he won the popular vote and never ran again.
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How has Al Gore changed the world?

Al Gore has been an effective promoter of environmental causes, particularly the concern about global warming. I don't know if, in the future, he will be given credit for help (MORE)
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What is the force exerted on the -4 C by the plus 5C charge?

-4c charge can make the exerted force go on another object such as the 5c positive charge. because wen u multiply em' they make a similarity between them such as -4c+5c which (MORE)
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Does al gore answer fan mail?

Al Gore does not usually answer fan mail because he mostly holds  official positions. A number of his emails are answered by  officials and assistants unless some are highly (MORE)
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Where did al gore grow up?

Gore grew up In Washington, DC where his father was a Congressman  and later a Senator. He spent his summers at the family farm in  Carthage, TN.
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What did Al gore achieve?

Al Gore's crowning achievement was helping fool people believing humans are responsible for global warming, and that we can help the situation.
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