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What is the Amazon river used for?

The Amazon River is used for fishing, native goods/people  transportation, and a water source. Also, it attracts tourists and  rain forest animals that may be hunted on the (MORE)

Where is the Amazon River located?

In South America. South America and runs from Peru to Brazil with a length of 6280 KMs to empty into the Atlantic Ocean.
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Who discovered the Amazon River?

The Amazon river has been claimed to be discovered by many explorers, but, according to Britannica Student Encyclopedia, it was founded by Francisco de Orellana in 1541, a Spa (MORE)

Where does the Amazon River start and end?

The long Amazon River flows from Peru all the way through Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean. The Amazon River, which is the largest river on earth (by volume) and the second larg (MORE)

What pollution does the Amazon River have?

Well there's been a lot of pollution in the Amazon River. There's been pollution from everyday people who don't even care about the Amazon's beauty and use it as some type of (MORE)

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