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How do you get from Amsterdam to Groningen?

Take a train. Everybody in Holland takes trains for distances like that. There is a train from Amsterdam Central Station every half hour; travel time is 2 hours and 7 minutes. (MORE)

How big is Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is the capitol city of the Netherlands. The city's area  is 84.88 sq. mi. The population of Amsterdam is around 810,909  people.

Where is New Amsterdam?

New Amsterdam is the original Dutch name for the modern New York City. The town was founded in 1625. The Dutch name was Nieuw Amsterdam. It was part of the Dutch settlement of (MORE)

How was Amsterdam built?

  in Holland is a saying, " Amsterdam is gebouwd op palen"   it means "Amsterdam is build on piles". every house has to build on piles. otherwise it will sink in the so (MORE)

What is Amsterdam popular for?

Amsterdam is known for having 'relaxed laws' on marijuana and prostitution.   Bicycles are used as a main source of transportation.   It also has a lot of notable muse (MORE)

Who owns Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a capital city in the Netherlands. It is a part of the Netherlands and the real estate that makes it up is owned by many different people from both the Netherland (MORE)

How do you dress in Amsterdam?

Wear what you like, something what you feel safe in. It depends on the wheater of course but you can wear in Amsterdam what you would wear in the US or in the UK for example. (MORE)