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Where is Amsterdam?

The Netherlands or Holland You can call it. Amsterdam is the capitol city. It is in Europe. it's is on the east next to Germany and north of Belgium west there is a ocean (MORE)

What is Amsterdam like?

I love Amsterdam! My husband and I go as often as we can, Amsterdam is made out to be a sex crazed drug fuelled place.. not so..we always have a nice trouble free break.. woul (MORE)

What is Amsterdam famous for?

    Amsterdam is famous for a lot of things including clogs (special types of shoes...mainly wood), its cheese, museums, architecture ad lots more!
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How do you get from Amsterdam to Groningen?

Take a train. Everybody in Holland takes trains for distances like that. There is a train from Amsterdam Central Station every half hour; travel time is 2 hours and 7 minutes. (MORE)

Who owns Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a capital city in the Netherlands. It is a part of the Netherlands and the real estate that makes it up is owned by many different people from both the Netherland (MORE)

Are clogs from Amsterdam?

Clogs are often associated with Holland = The Netherlands, and Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands. Solely for tourists clogs are sold at various Amsterdam markets. Ma (MORE)

Where does Amsterdam get marijuana from?

Marijuana is widely grown around Amsterdam and The Netherlands. There are limitations to the amt. each individual can grow, but authorities look the other way when coffee-shop (MORE)

Is Amsterdam extraditable?

Are you talking abouit an Extradition treaty? This is difficult to understand the way it is written. Please rephrase and resubmit. Be more specific. Thank you.
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