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Who is the President of Angola?

José Eduardo dos Santos is the President of Angola. He firsttook this position on 1979 September 10 after the death of thefirst president Agostinho Neto. Dos Santos was of (MORE)
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Are native Angola people Bantu?

The demographics of the various tribal elements is rarely as simple as Bantu and Non-Bantu with each of the 9 Bantu Tribal Units claiming an individual legacy. In addition the (MORE)

Are the Bantu in Angola?

The Bantu are the dominant ethnic group in Angola divided (often widely) into nine different tribal units with changing allegiances and each claiming soverignty over specific (MORE)

Do lions live in Angola?

Well, considering there is a subspecies of lion called the 'Angola Lion', I would assume lions live in Angola ;)

Imperialism in Angola?

The harsh treatment by the imperialists caused the people to rise  up in revolt. They proceeded to extract Angola's natural resources,  then sold their own products to the c (MORE)

What is the location of Angola?

South-central Africa - bordered by the Dem. Nat. Rep. of Congo and Namibia Angola's absolute location is ( 12 * 30 ' S / 18 * 30 ' E ) .
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What languages are spoken in Angola?

Angola's 1 and only official language is Portuguese. This is also the national language. These languages also have legal recognition by the government of Angola: KikongoChok (MORE)

How do you write hello in Angola language?

It depends on which language you are talking about. Angola is home  to 39 languages.   The official language of The Republic of Angola is Portuguese, so  the word "hello (MORE)