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What is a banjo fitting?

It's a fitting most often used on fuel lines. You can tell it's a banjo because it is round and has a hole in the middle where a bolt goes through. the bolt is hollow with hol (MORE)

What are the parts of a banjo?

there are thirteen parts to the banjo those are the tuning keys, the nut , the position markers neck and finger board ,brackets,resonators,the head ,the rim ,the bridge ,the a (MORE)

What is the role of a banjo?

I've never had a banjo, but I can tell you this: Banjo's are like country guitars. They look like a tambourine with a stick attached to it. In most comics, movies, television (MORE)

Is the banjo Irish?

The banjo is not of Irish origin, but it is often used in Irish folk song. The Banjo is actually the most American instrument. It originated in Africa and came over with the s (MORE)