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How is a banjo played?

Their are multiple answers to this question. A five-string banjo, most common in country music would most likely be played in one of two styles. The older style, usually cal (MORE)

How does the banjo work?

pretty much it works on the same principals a guitar when you pluck a string it vibrates the head which looks like a drum an makes a sound
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What is a banjo fitting?

  It's a fitting most often used on fuel lines. You can tell it's a banjo because it is round and has a hole in the middle where a bolt goes through. the bolt is hollow wi (MORE)

What is the plural of banjo?

AskOxford, the definitive reference source for the English  language, lists both banjos and  banjoes as the plural.   The plural of banjo is banjos or banjoes, both are (MORE)

What family is the banjo in?

  The banjo is a stringed instrument. It falls into the strings family, specifically, it's acoustic. (unless you happen to find an electric banjo)
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What is a banjo ukulele?

A banjo ukulele is a small banjo type body strung like an ukulele. It became popular in the 20's and 30's as being louder than a uke and carrying better in the music halls in (MORE)