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What do you do in basketball?

In basketball the objective is to get the basketball into your opponents net. Scoring you 2 points but if you shoot from the 3 pt line it does as it says gives you 3 points bu (MORE)

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What is basketball?

Basketball is a popular sport. There are five players on each team and each team tries to get the basketball in each other's nets. You play this game with a basketball which i (MORE)

What does geometry have to do with basketball?

angels of the shots A standard basketball court measures 94 feet in length, and is 50 feet wide. The center circle is 12 feet in diameter, and the smaller circle inside it has (MORE)

When was basketball invented?

Basketball was invented in 1891 by physical education instructer  James Naismith at Springfield College in springfield. He created  the game so his phys-ed students could pl (MORE)
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How does basketball help you?

  Well there's a lot of answers for this one. Here they are:   # It helps you stay fit. Basketball is a very pacing game. You use your leg muscles to run. And your ar (MORE)

What is aau basketball?

AAU is a higher class of basketball teams from all around the  country. On an AAU team you play in tournaments against many  different teams that have been hand-picked by hi (MORE)

How do you dunk a basketball?

In order to dunk a basketball, you have to first be able to jump high enough to be able to get your hand above the rim of the basket. Dunking, then, is forcing the ball down t (MORE)

What is NBA Basketball?

  NBA Basketball is an association called the National Basketball Association. In it people play basketball in a season on one of the 30 teams. The teams verse each other (MORE)