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What is biofuel?

Biofuel can best be described as an alternative fuel source,whether solid, liquid, or gas, which is derived from biomass.Biomass is the base compound for biofuels, and comes f (MORE)

Is biofuel renewable?

Biofuel is renewable because the process that generates the fuel is ongoing. Trees can be regrown, sewage can be converted into methane, and oil and alcohol can be generated f (MORE)
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What is biofuel energy?

Biofuel energy is a type of energy that is created from organicproducts. Biofuel energy is a renewable energy source.

What does biofuel do?

Bio fuel is basically fuel but instead of using fossil fuel to make it, you use matter to make it (for example: vegetable oil can be used to produce Bio-fuel. PS: You shou (MORE)

What can biofuels be used in?

Liquid biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel can be used in cars andtrucks. Any sort of combustion engine can use biofuels, sometimeswith a little tuning.

Are biofuels the future?

Yes and no. They are an important step to completely sustainable energy use throughout the world. Virtually all energy on our planet comes, in one form or another, from the su (MORE)

Is biofuel sustainable?

It's supposed to be from renewable resources, but as far as sustainability, there is some controversy over that.

What problems are there with biofuel?

The main problem with biofuel is trying to make it economically viable. Most of the current methods are simply too expensive, but that will probably change with more research (MORE)