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How are biofuels beneficial?

Biofuels are beneficial because they do not add carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere. They do release carbon dioxide when burnt, but it is carbon dioxide that was recently r (MORE)

Is biofuel renewable?

Biofuel is renewable because the process that generates the fuel is ongoing. Trees can be regrown, sewage can be converted into methane, and oil and alcohol can be generated f (MORE)

What does biofuel mean?

A biofuel is either a solid, liquid, or gas that is made from recently living material. A biofuel produces less CO2 when burnt than a fossil fuel would. Biofuels are frequentl (MORE)
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What is biofuel?

Biofuel can best be described as an alternative fuel source,whether solid, liquid, or gas, which is derived from biomass.Biomass is the base compound for biofuels, and comes f (MORE)

Are biofuels inexhaustable?

I know that biofuels are renewable because they are  derived from plant material. Those plants use sunlight, which is an  inexhaustible source. I'm not so sure but that shou (MORE)

What are all the biofuels?

Biofuels are fuels used in powering machinery such as automobiles that are produced from organic matter, such as corn. They differ from fossil fuels which may have originally (MORE)

What problems are there with biofuel?

The main problem with biofuel is trying to make it economically viable. Most of the current methods are simply too expensive, but that will probably change with more research (MORE)