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What is bowling?

First Response" Bowling originated in 5200 BC. Bowling is a very fun and educational sport. Timing is very important in bowling. Second Response: That would take a lot of ver ( Full Answer )
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What is a bowl?

A bowl is something you eat out of. Its round with a little dip in it kind of like a hat.
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Is the cereal bowl a football bowl?

Yes, the cereal bowl is in Baltimore Maryland in late December and they play at the Baltimore Ravens field
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Where is bowling from?

Bowling in its earliest form is from Europe where its known as bowls. This is a lawn game that involves a mark to hit and a ball the size of a duck pin bowling ball. However t ( Full Answer )
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How old is bowling bowls?

Bowling can be traced back to approximately 5200 B.C., when ancient Egyptians used stones for their balls. Pre-Columbian Indians also practiced bowling variants.
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Was the ice bowl a Super Bowl?

No. because the field heater broke because of the cold weather and the field was frozen. It was the 1967 NFL Championship Game held on December 31, 1967 at Lambeau Field. It w ( Full Answer )
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How does a bowling ball return to you after you bowl it?

well, first, after it ges to the back, it gets sent to space to an eletrice light through nanotechnology laser beams, get's cleaned. comes back through a hole where hobo's liv ( Full Answer )
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What is in a bowling bowl?

A bowling ball is made from urethane, plastic, reactive resin or a combination of these materials.
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What is bowls?

bowls is a game using one small ball and other larger balls. The aim is to throw the larger balls as close as possible to the small ball.
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What is bowled?

when a batsman bating ..then his stumps falls by any bowler with ball..than it called bowled.