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Did Bruce Springsteen die?

No. As of 2016, he is still alive and well. His 67th birthday was September 23, 2016.   (born September 23, 1949)
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Is Bruce springsteen Italian?

  Bruce is Italian on his mother's side and Irish/Dutch on his father's side.
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How do you get a message to Bruce springsteen?

Hello Original Poster, I am Bruce Springsteen what would like to ask? Happy to oblige. Your Friend, Bruce S
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Where did Bruce springsteen get his nickname?

    After club shows when the band was getting paid cash in the early 1970s, Bruce was always sent to collect the money. This got him the nickname "the Boss" from band (MORE)

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Is Bruce Springsteen married?

Patti Scialfa is the wife of Bruce Springsteen. She is a musician and plays with the Bruce and the E Street Band in concert.
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When did Bruce Springsteen get married?

He got married on September 14, 1997. In Las Vegas, Nevada. In the Little White Chapel on the strip
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