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Who has a bugatti?

Rick Ross P-Diddy Michael Fux Richard Berry Ralph Lauren Bob Manoukian Tom Cruise Thomas Bscher Ben Brooke Nigo Simon Cowell Tom Brady Rumen Gaitanski a.k.a "The Wolf" Scott S ( Full Answer )
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What is the bugatti aceleration?

All depending on what year and model, they range from 0-60 in 2.2 seconds to a 4.3 second run. The one everyone talks about is the 1001 bhp Veyron.
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How fast can a bugatti?

If you mean top speed. Bugatti Veyron 407 kmph (252 mph) Bugatti Veyron Supersport 431 kph (267 mph) Bugatti EB110 343 kmph (213 mph)
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Why was bugatti made?

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport was made only for the purposeto be the worlds fastest production car. the speed tops at253.81MPH. The cost of this as a coupe is $1,705,769 ( Full Answer )
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Does a bugatti have navigation?

Yes, it is located in the sun visor, a small screen which also has the capability to connect with phones via bluetooth.
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What is the best Bugatti?

Opinions will vary but the Veyron is probably the best Bugatti and car ever built. The technical challenges and the V16 engine exemplify engineering to another level. Whethe ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a bugatti on gta4?

there is no bugatti in the game though some car show some resemblances. please pass the word that gta does not have any licensed cars in any gta game.
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What manufactures Bugatti?

Itself! EB is the logo. E stands for Ettorie. B stands for Bugatti. Ettorie Bugatti
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Where can you get Bugatti?

Everywhere around the world but you'd have to be mad to buy one because they sell for about £1 million to £3 million. Unless you have a money tree in your back garden th ( Full Answer )
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What is Bugatti made out of?

Carbon Fiber. It's often left unpainted, which gives it a beautiful shiny grey-black metal color.