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What is childhood?

Childhood is the time when you're 4-11 anyother time you're in babyhood, preteen, or a teenager.
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How was Cleopatra's childhood?

We know nothing about Cleopatra's childhood. It can be assumed that she was raised like any other princess of the time.
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How was Cleopatras childhood?

We know nothing of Cleopatra's childhood. It is assumed that she was raised in luxury as were all the royal children of her time.
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What did Blackbeard do in his childhood?

Not much is known about Blackbeard's childhood. It is believed hewas born around 1680 and may have come from a wealthy family.However, not much else is known.
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How was your childhood?

am still in childhood. im 10. Are you still 10? Ha ha jk My childhood was ...
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Why is childhood bad?

what do you mean is childhood bad probably because yours was doesn't mean everyone Else's is -- people these days need to understand
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What is great about childhood?

In general, basic needs (food, clothing, shelter) are all provided. Children have fewer responsibilities and more leisure time than adults. Greater ability to indulge in fant ( Full Answer )
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How was Tupac childhood?

Born on June 16 1971 in New York City, Shakur's parents were both members of the Black Panther Party whose militant style and provocative ideologies for civil rights would com ( Full Answer )
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What was the childhood of The Beatles?

They grew up in Liverpool. John was raised by his Aunt Mimi. His parents abandoned him, and at 17, once getting close to his mother again, she was unfortunately hit by a car a ( Full Answer )
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Did Artemis have a childhood?

If you mean, was Artemis not born as an adult, then the answer is yes. Artemis was born as a baby then helped her mother give birth to Apollo, her twin. She grew up on Earth u ( Full Answer )