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What is cholesterol?

A solid compound in blood; a steroid alcohol sterol made by theliver and present in all animal cells. Cholesterol is a lipid, is the most plentiful steroid found inanimal tis (MORE)
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What does cholesterol do?

Cholesterol can be both good and bad.It depends on which type of cholesterol is high or low. Low-density lipoprotein (or LDL) very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) high-de (MORE)

Cholesterol is a?

Cholesterol is a type of fat. There are two main sources of cholesterol: 1- liver produces 2- certain foods
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Will not eating cholesterol lower your cholesterol?

No, actually, it will not. Your body needs cholesterol to do a great number of things, and if you are not getting it from the foods you eat, your body will make its own. There (MORE)