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What is cholesterol?

A solid compound in blood; a steroid alcohol sterol made by theliver and present in all animal cells. Cholesterol is a lipid, is the most plentiful steroid found inanimal tis (MORE)
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What does cholesterol do?

Cholesterol can be both good and bad.It depends on which type of cholesterol is high or low. Low-density lipoprotein (or LDL) very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) high-de (MORE)
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Cholesterol is a?

Cholesterol is a type of fat. There are two main sources of cholesterol: 1- liver produces 2- certain foods
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Where do you get cholesterol?

Cholesterol is present in animal food products (meat, milk, eggs). The human body will also make its own cholesterol from lipids in food.
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Where do you get cholesterol from?

There are two main sources of cholesterol: 1- liver (body source) 2- certain foods (outside body source)
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Is high cholesterol bad or cholesterol?

bad because it can case a blood clot witch will mack it harder for blood to pass blood through your vans which would stop you from passing out. respiration. and you can av (MORE)
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Will not eating cholesterol lower your cholesterol?

No, actually, it will not. Your body needs cholesterol to do a great number of things, and if you are not getting it from the foods you eat, your body will make its own. There (MORE)
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Is lipoprotein cholesterol good cholesterol?

Low- density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) is referred to as bad cholesterol because excess quantities of LDL contribute to plaque buildup in the arteries.
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Why is cholesterol referred as a bad cholesterol?

It is referred to as bad cholesterol because it can cause build up in the arteries, causing serious heart issues. It should be controlled either by a high quality fish oil or (MORE)
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Why is hdl cholesterol the good cholesterol?

HDL cholesterol is the good cholesterol because is flows in the bloodstream and removes harmful cholesterol from the areas in which it doesn't belong. If you have high HDL l (MORE)