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Was Claude Debussy ever married?

Yes, twice, in fact. First to Rosalie Texier in 1899 who he divorced in 1904, later, in 1908 to Emma Bardac. Debussy had only one child, a daughter named Claude-Emma (Chouchou (MORE)

Why is Claude Debussy famous?

He was a french composer who created the famous classical piece 'Clair De Lune' that is shown in many Movies and shows. He made a great leap in western music.
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Where did Claude Debussy live?

Born in France, later lived in Russia, Germany, and England. He was residing in Paris when he died.
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How did Claude Debussy die?

Claude Debussy died in Paris on March 25, 1918 from colorectal cancer (he had survived one of the first colostomy operations ever performed two years earlier)
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Why is claude debussy important?

Because he created a new style of music which, much to his disliking, was termed impressionism. The disliking originated in the rejection of an early composition by a jury who (MORE)