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What are the general education courses required for Cornell University?

I'm not exactly sure what your question is asking, but you can read more about general education courses required for Cornell University by going to's webpage for Co (MORE)

Can freshman at cornell university have cars?

Yes. However, according to their website (see related links), it is discouraged; on-campus parking is inconvenient, so most students walk or bicycle. If you do decide to bring (MORE)

What are the prerequisites for acceptance at Cornell University?

Cornell isn't as hard as Harvard, but it is very selective. Percent of Applicants admitted is about 18% where are Harvard is 7%. From 4.0 GPA scale, your GPA should be no le (MORE)

Who founded the cornell university?

Cornell University in Ithaca New York, US was founded by Ezra Cornell. He started out as a plow salesman, and eventually became a founder of the Western. He Union Company. He (MORE)

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