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What is cuneiform?

Cuneiform= A writing style that is comprised of different sequences and patterns of cuneus that is the Latin word for 'wedge' it is one of the earliest forms of writing, e (MORE)

What is cuneiform writing?

Cuneiform writing is the ancient writing form used throughout Persia, Mesopotamia, Ugarit, and Sumeria. It is made up of wedge-shaped pictogrammes.

Where did cuneiform from?

Mesopotamia. Hammurabi used cuneiform to communicate with his city-state and with other leaders. He was one of the few kings who knew how to read and write. Cuneiform made com (MORE)

Opposite of cuneiform?

Cuneiform means wedge-shaped, and the word is used to describe writing that uses wedge-shaped symbols. e.g. Ancient Babylonian inscriptions were in cuneiform. Some alternat (MORE)

What was the purpose of cuneiform?

Cuneiform was the first written language. It was used to keep the earliest records of the past with info such as laws, strategies, stories, etc. It was written on clay tablets (MORE)

What is significant about cuneiform?

I believe that cuneiform was one of the first languages ever. I am currently studying the Sumerians and ancient times and I am pretty sure that cuneiform and hieroglyphics wer (MORE)