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What are the bodies of water in the Czech Republic?

There are nine lakes in the Czech Republic. The deepest lake is  Ceme Jezero in the Klatovy District. There are twenty-two rivers  that flow through the Czech Republic. Ther (MORE)

Is Czech Republic Rich or poor?

Czech Republic is rich. It is in the middle of the European ranking, 13 out of 27 and its capital, Prague is fifth wealthiest region in the EU. (According to Eurostat, as of 2 (MORE)

What was the Czech Republic before it was the Czech Republic?

It was part of Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia splits up into two separate states: the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic on January 1st 1993. Russia took over it after WW (MORE)

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What percent of Czech Republics speak Czech?

Almost 100%, althought the immigrants oftes speak very bad Czech,  and also regional Moravian accents may be pretty tough to  understand.
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What was the Czech Republic called before it was known as the Czech Republic?

It was half of Czechoslovakia.Bits of it were known as Bohemia and Sudetenland. Actually, when Czechoslovakia was created in 1918 (carved out of the defeated Austro-Hungaria (MORE)

When did the Czech republic become a republic?

The Czech Republic was formerly part of Czechoslovakia, under Communist rule. In 1989, it became democratic. It split apoart from its counterpart, Slovakia, in 1992 and offici (MORE)
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What are the two regions in Czech Republic?

The two halves of the Czech Republic are Moravia and Bohemia - Moravia is the eastern part and Bohemia the western. The main city in Moravia is Brno and that of Bohemia Prague (MORE)