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Did Elizabeth I have dogs?

Elizabeth's Beloved Canines   During her 45-year reign Elizabeth had many dogs. There is a painting showing her with a small lap dog - the dog's name was Mrs. Perico. The (MORE)

How is Elizabeth II related to Elizabeth I?

Queen Elizabeth I would be a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Both Elizabeths are descentants of Henry VII.  Elizabeth I was the granddaughter of Henry VII through her f (MORE)

Who is Elizabeth Gillies?

Elizabeth Gillies stars in the new nick show called Victorious with Victoria Justice who plays "Tori Vega" and Liz Gillies who plays "Jade West" who has a boyfriend named "Bec (MORE)

Who is Elizabeth pargeter?

The wife of Nigel Pargeter. formerly Elizabeth Archer daughter of Phil and Jill Archer. Julia Pargeter was Nigels mother.
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Who were Elizabeth I lovers?

  Well a great subject of historical debate in my opinion but sadly one that will never be answered in full. However it can be noted that Elizabeth I had a number of admir (MORE)

What were the achievements of Elizabeth I?

Elizabeth's Achievements Elizabeth I is remembered for astounding achievements. Defeating the Spanish Armada; great advances in exploration, literacy and the arts came about (MORE)

Who is Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II is the reigning monarch of The United Kingdom of  Great Britain and Northern Ireland. She has reigned since 1952 when  her father King George VI died. She (MORE)

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