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What are the 48 emotions?

The Origin of Emotions identifies the purpose, trigger and effect of the following 34 emotions, sensations and facial expressions: maternal lovematernal griefmonogynistic lov (MORE)

What is an emotion?

An emotion is what you feel, sometimes after doing or thinking something, or after someone tells you something. For example, after having someone tell you that a friend or fam (MORE)

What is emotion?

Much discussion revolves around a clear definition of "emotion" and "feelings". Research by Robert Plutchik has greatly clarified it, but most would agree that any emotion mus (MORE)

What is with you and Emotions?

  Why do you ask? Am I being too much? Do you hate me? I think you're being mean. I can't help it if I feel. What do you want from me?
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What is debilitative emotions?

Debilitating emotions would be similar to depression, phobias can be real problems. Another response: Debilitating emotions are so intense as to interfere with normal daily (MORE)

When do you get Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligent is like you get the right answer for a question. You get your emotional intelligent when you have the right feeling for something. For example like when (MORE)

Can you have no emotions?

No you can't, we were all born with emotions. Theirishone: I think everyone is born with emotions but some people don't know how to use there emotions. An example of this is A (MORE)
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What were the emotions on the Titanic?

The passengers on the Titanic did not at first realize the damage to the ship from the ice berg and not too concerned because the media had been arrogant enough to consider th (MORE)