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What is the Espionage Act?

Espionage is spies that hi are used to spy on enemies. They look for their special plans and find out what is happening in the enemy base. An espionage act is "a federal law (MORE)

What was the espionage act?

\n. An act passed in July of 1917 allowing postal athorities to ban treasonable or seditious newspapers, magazines, or printed materials fromt he mail. It also enacted severe (MORE)

Is espionage a crime?

Yes. In time of war spying it can get you shot. Its a federal or military offence. Industrial espionage (spying within corporations) can get you jail or heavy fines. A recent (MORE)

What is an example of espionage?

An example of espionage, would be the acquisition of the Jerry Can, by Allied forces in World War 2. A German engineer and his American college Paul Pleiss had built a vehicle (MORE)

What is the plural of espionage?

Technically, the plural is espionages, but you're more likely (and it's better writing) to say "he was convicted of several acts of espionage" rather than "he was convicted of (MORE)
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Do japan have a formal espionage?

Kempei Tai- Intelligence Police, literally translated. some apprehension-squad MP officers ( similar only on the surface to US Military police- on POW issues were not above be (MORE)