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Is gambling a business?

Definitely! Just think of the numerous casinos all over the world and all those "make your bet" web sites. For the compulsive gambler, however, this business usually means ser (MORE)

What is gambling?

Betting or staking of something of value on the outcome of a game or event. Commonly associated with gambling are , http://www.answ (MORE)

How do you gamble?

To gamble, a gambler usually wages money or something material values on an event with improbable outcome. Gambling, though is a game of chance, but also involves gambling ski (MORE)
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What are the advantages of gambling?

None. If you are lucky enough to win a reasonably big jackpot or have a decent win at the tables you risk becoming addicted to gambling. Most people that become addicted, did (MORE)

What does gambling do?

Gambling can change your life, by losing alot of money, you will be broke/poor, thus not living well. If you win, you can die if they aren't happy about the fact you won(possi (MORE)

What are the types of gambling?

You have card games: poker and black jack, table games: roulette and craps and machine games: ------ Aside from the above mention, gambling also have betting, Bingo, lott (MORE)

Who is the god of gambling?

One answer: As gambling is generally considered to be morally wrong ( one can inveigle the Ninth Article of the Decalogue- and there are numerous passages in scripture where (MORE)

How has gambling helped?

No one, except accidentally from contributions to state insitutions and charities. Gambling is diametrically opposed to Christian Charity concepts.

How can gambling be adictive?

The precise reason that gambling can become addictive on abiological level is disputed. However, there seems to be a positivetrend between gambling addiction and a particular (MORE)

What is the line in gambling?

The line is the number of points that the favored team should beat the underdog team by. This is not a truly accurate indication of how much they should win by, but rather a n (MORE)