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Why did Gene Autry wear gloves?

  Answer   He really had them to keep his hands "occupied". He was self-conscious about their appearance on film, fidgeting with them periodically.
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Was Gene Autry a heavy drinker?

In her official 2007 biography of Autrey -- Public Cowboy No. 1: The Life and Times of Gene Autry -- Holly George-Warren states that Autrey had a drinking problem at the e (MORE)

Did Gene Autry OWN Champion?

  Yes he did own Champion, who was a sorrel/ Gold stallion with four white legs and a broad blaze on his face, white mane and tail and most important of all, Genes horses (MORE)

Were there autos in Gene Autry movies?

Most of the films in which Autrey appeared are "contemporary" in the sense that they are supposed to be taking place at the time the movie is released. We thus see 1930s & 194 (MORE)

Was Gene Autry a war Hero?

Depends what you mean by "hero." Autrey volunteered for military service, actively sought a combat assignment, and flew several flights over the Himalayas in a supply effort t (MORE)

Who is Gene Autry married to?

In 1932 he married Ina May Spivey (who died in 1980) and In 1981 he married Jacqueline Ellam, who had been his banker
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What is an important fact about Gene Autry?

  He popularized the song Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer and also Here comes Santa Claus. the singing cowboy also eventually went totally blind.
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