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Is Germany west Germany and east Germany the same?

Yes.    Germany more or less finally became a single unified country in  1871. In 1945, after Germany lost World War II, it was split into  four parts, each part cont (MORE)
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What is there to do in Germany?

what to do in Germany is unending. Munich historical sites. Nurenberg additional historical sites. Garmisch, just south of Munich. many quaint restaurants & hotels. No far fro (MORE)

Does Germany have taxes?

Yes, definitely, Germany does have taxes. Just like in the US you have to pay your annual taxes. The only real difference is that the taxes when you purchase "stuff" is includ (MORE)

Is Seat from Germany?

Seat is from Spain. Their head office is near Barcelona. But since 1986 it belongs to the Volkswagen Group, which is German.
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Why is the country Germany named Germany?

The name Germany come from the group of tribes that settled in Northern Europe who were collectively known ethically as Germanic due to customs and language. Germans, by the w (MORE)

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Where is Germany?

Germany is situated in central Europe. To the North is the Baltic Sea, the North Sea. Here is a list of these countries: To the North: Denmark To the West: France, Luxem (MORE)
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What is the Ruhr of Germany?

Near the Rhine River and coal fields of Western Germany is a cluster of Cities, including Essen and Düsseldorf.They form Germany's largest industrial district, the Ruhr Distr (MORE)

What do they do in Germany when Germany has Christmas?

People in Germany often go to church at the 24th of December, then they hava a nice dinner. Givt giving is at the same evening, not at the following morning ;-)
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When was Germany Western Germany?

Germany was split in to East and West at the end of the second world war 1n 1949. What was commonly known as "East Germany" was given the title of the "Deutschen Demokratisc (MORE)